Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Middle Path

There is an old Hermetic saying, from the inner Egyptian Mysteries, that states that opposites are identical in nature but different in degree. In simpler terms, that no opposite can exist by itself, but must have it's other part even to "be." 

There can be no awareness of light without being aware of darkness; no hot with out cold, no big without  small, no "good" without "bad," no even without odd, etc., etc. Now, to believe that one should only have good, or that all things are only bad, is like splitting your body in two at the center, and trying to walk on one of the split ends.

Similarly, trying to live in only one of the opposites will make one, either slowly or rapidly sick. Just as we can only walk on two legs alternately, so the opposites evoke each other automatically. To make sense of it all, the opposites should be looked at both alternately and then together, or else the thinking will become imbalanced, and invariably destructive. 

Every opposite includes in itself it's own opposite.

Opposites alternate rhythmically, like the up and down undulation of a wave. 

Breathe your experiences in, then breathe them out - Hanging on to any experience, good or bad, means a quick dive into trouble or worse. 

Opposites compliment each other - opposites need each other. 

Opposites never come singly. 

Any thing, thought or action outside of it's proper place and context becomes what is called "evil."

Good and evil are really only fluctuations in our mental perceptions.  

The Buddha's Middle Path meant - "Have no opinions." 

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