Monday, September 13, 2010

The Seven Magical Rays of Development

Besides just the geometrical significance of the number seven, we can find the number repeatedly in our understanding of Earth conditions. Seven days of creation in the Book of Genesis, Seven Archangels in Christian theology.The magical seven creative spirits of differential energies, which are referred to as the Rishis or Sons of Wisdom in the Eastern teachings.

These seven creative spirits are seen in spiritual teachings as the formative forces of man's evolutionary path. According to spiritual teachings, there are seven rays of development open to the individual entity by which he can learn the lessons necessary for continued evolution toward the light of perfected awareness. 

The Seven Rays of Development include:

1. Will - By means of the will all things are set into motion. Based on an instinctual understanding of one's function in life; the individual focused on the ray of will has a determination and persistence to achieve his purpose no matter what obstacles come up.  This is the meaning of the "Magician" card in the Tarot deck; the power to do magic by taking the power from above and directing it.

2. Love - With the love ray accentuated the individual entity gives totally of himself. There is no holding back but rather a total sharing of oneself with others and with no thought of a reward involved. this idea of love conflicts with the present mode of love, where desire assumes the form of love and dictates possession of the loved one.

3. Activity - The individual concentrated upon this ray of development is concerned with organization, order, and the carrying out of the details of any situation. The intellect is attuned to the development of the reasoning faculties.

4. Harmony - By means of harmony, there is an understanding of the balancing of life. Beauty, gracefulness and the aesthetic come to fore in the individual on this harmonic ray.

5. Science - For those on the scientific ray life becomes appreciation of the mathematical formula behind everything. Exactness and total immersion in study of any object are represented in these individuals. These people constantly search for knowledge and understanding.

6. Devotion - This ray focuses upon faith and intuition. People with this ray emphasized in their beings are seen as true patriots, supporting the established foundations of the culture.

7. Ceremonial - This ray gives an understanding of the universal order. Recognizing the fact that all life has an magical order and a structure for it's proper functioning, people on this ray are seen as great orderers in their own lives.

Seven comes up repeatedly in the context of existence. I hope you find this interesting and informative. In a future article I will deal with some "Secret Doctrines of the Rosicrucians". And the Seven Cosmic Principles. 

Brightest of Blessings,