Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Witches - Magic- Moon - Spell

Cooked rice
A bright full Moon

In Norse witchcraft the Moon is believed to be a masculine energy and the Sun is generally accepted as a feminine energy. But in most of Western society Lunar energy is considered to be feminine.

Our society is very Solar (masculine) oriented. Everyone responds to the sun kissed fruit or vegetable ripening in the Sun. People still partake of Sun bathing despite all kinds of warnings about skin cancer. In some circles of the occult, Solar energy is considered more positive than Lunar energy.

In the Tarot cards, the Sun trump is believed to foretell happiness, health and good fortune. Where as the Moon trump is associated with danger, illusion and "Howling at the Moon!" There are still many fears and superstitions surrounding women's mystery and (Moon) power.

Hopefully this spell will shed a more positive light on the image of the long - maligned secondary orb.

An apple sprinkled with nutmeg charged by the light of the full Moon, and shared by lovers can strengthen a relationship and make the couple more intuitively aware of each other's needs.

Apples are used to find and preserve true love. Nutmeg increases the psychic vibrations and fine tunes spiritual and Tantric awareness. You can also hold a bowl of cooked rice sprinkled with nutmeg under the light of a full Moon. Rice is believed to bind the souls of lovers. Eat the bowl of rice with your partner under a full Moon.

Brightest of Freya's Blessings,

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