Sunday, December 12, 2010

Always Another Way to do Anything, Quantum Physics

Every problem has more than one solution. In this infinite Universe in which we live, how could it be anything else? Yet people so often get stuck in one method, technique, process or plan for reaching their goals. 

If the goal is important, you should never give up. You should just change your approach. If a chronic illness isn't clearing up then do something you haven't been doing, such as working more with the mind and the emotions, if your approach has been primarily physical. In turn if your approach has been primarily emotional and mental and it is not working, start using physical means. 

If a confrontational approach has not been working in a relationship, use a more cooperative one, and vice versa. 

If your present plan for making more money hasn't been working, change your plan or change your career. 

If peace on Earth hasn't happened yet, then lets do more of what works and create more workable ways. 

Life, and the ways to improve life, exist in endless variety and potential. There is always another way.

Blessings Lory

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