Friday, December 10, 2010

Norse Magic, "The Pentagram" Secrets Revealed

The "pentagram" is one of Freya's symbols. A pentagram is an ancient five-pointed star, with one upward point. The five points of the pentagram represent the four Elements, with Spirit at the top. It is a favorite symbol of witches, shamans and magicians. Sometimes it is called a pentacle, although the word now means any disk of metal or wood that is engraved with a pentagram and magical symbols.

A German folk name for pentagram is drudenfusz, "Witch's foot." German folk tradition indicates the use of pentagrams as protective talismans against evil spirits. During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, pentagrams were painted on homes or mounted within them to protect against evil. 

The Pennsylvania Dutch "hexafoos" also indicates "Witch's foot" and is sometimes used as  synonym for hex signs. It also names  a specific architectural motif involving an arch or a painted decoration beneath a barn window, that was expected to protect. 

Pentacles are traditionally protective talismans. In much of the ancient world the number five radiates energy and is the number most associated with protective spells. The pentagram may be understood to be related to the five-fingered hand shaped amulets such as the Hand of Fatima or the Hamsa, which symbolize the all-protecting Five Fingers of God. 

In Sacred Geometry, every pentagram reveals the ideal qualities represented by the number five, it demonstrates five triangles, five obtuse angles, and five acute angles and is an excellent symbol for counter-acting demons or malicious spirits. 

Pentacles are one of the Tarot suits where they are also called coins. They correspond with playing cards suit of Diamonds and are representative of the feminine element of Earth. 

Pentacles are "ancient"; earliest surviving images date back to over four thousand years before the Common Era. The pentagram, surrounded by a circle appears in rings worn by the Pythagorean brotherhood. 

Magus Eliphas Levi suggested that the pentacle represented the triumph of the human will over the power of the four elements. 

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