Monday, December 6, 2010

Everything is "Relative", Quantum Physics

In Quantum Physics, there is in reality, "no" space, time energy or matter, (called S.T.E.M.) Today, we will explore "Time" from a Quantum Physics perspective.

"Now" is the moment of power, but how do we define what "now" is?  Perhaps the easiest and most practical definition is: the area or range of our present attention. So "Now" might be this second, this minute, this hour, day, month, or year depending on your focus. 

But using this definition involves accepting as "Now" elements of what we ordinarily call the past and the future, as in the case of focusing our attention on the present, day, month or year. 

What we call the future is only the future relative to what we define as the present moment, and the same is true for the past. if our attention is broad enough, we can even bring awareness of the past and future lives into the present moment (if you believe in them).

When our attention and awareness bring aspects of the past and future into this present moment, they are within the range of our power to change them. Which means that from the present we can change the past and the future.

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