Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Norse Magic Rune Nauthiz for Prophecy, Protection and Stress

Nauthiz is also called by the names: Naudhiz, Nyd, Naut, Naudr. A quick descriptive reference would be Need, Necessity and distress. The color of Nauthiz is "Black." It corresponds to the letter or stave "N."  The deity most associated with Nauthiz would be the Norn "Skuld."

Skuld is the youngest of the Norns and is usually portrayed as wearing a veil, while Urd and Verdandi have none. The meaning of this is that the future is hidden from site or "vision." But if Skuld is approached in a friendly, manner of reverence, she will lift her veil and give you a brief look into the future. 

Through it's power inspiration can be gained. In the process of self discovery and development, it is the mystery which points to the way of knowledge of one's personal direction or destiny. And it is a tool for development of one's personal Will.

From a "Magical" perspective Nauthiz can be very useful. It can be used as a psychological tool to overcome distress (or just stress) in life. Nauthiz can be used as a sort of Magical "War Fetter" to restrict other people from harming you. The rune was scratched on warriors finger nails for protection in battle. 

Nauthiz clears up "Distress" that clouds our reality or judgement. It brings up things from the past (not necessarily good) that drive us. Also Nauthiz indicates that "Caution" is used to succeed. The negative meaning of Nauthiz is "Impatience" which can lead to disaster. 

There is an old Germanic association that links the Nauthiz rune with the element of fire. "Need Fire" was originally the kindling for High rituals such as Yule, Beltane, Samhain, and Summer Solstice. Couples leaping over the fire at the time of Hand-fastings (or weddings) is a remnant of this custom. 

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