Monday, December 27, 2010

How to Magically Condition Your Aura

I think that most of us believe that our Aura, and this is assuming we even think we "have" an Aura, just pretty much takes care of itself. What we fail to consider is that our "Aura" is "alive."  It  has to be Magically nurtured and cleansed just as much as the physical body.

A clean Aura is important! If we have a cloudy, dirty gray Aura "this" is what we will attract in kind from the Universe. Be it a new love interest, job, business opportunities, or what have you. A dirty Aura is also a bed for illness, sickness and disease. Want to stay healthy keep your Aura clean. So if you want to attract better opportunities and good health a clean Aura is a "must."

After bathing or showering, before you think of leaving the dressing area, it is time to clean and perfume your Aura, in much the same way you did your body. Stop for a brief 30 seconds to 30 minutes, depending on you. How long does it take for "you" to feel that your Aura is as clean as your body that you have freshened and put attractive clothes on? 

It is a simple technique of asking for Light to bathe you and cleanse your Aura. Feel the powerful shaft of Light beaming down and washing your Aura just as  a running brook would wash your body. 

Then send the Light before you. Direct it mentally and say aloud: "I send the Light before me to make the path easy and the way straight. It brings inspiration, uplifting, effectiveness, enthusiasm and joy to every being who comes close to my Aura. I am Light going to meet Light, and only GOOD can result." 

Good Luck, Good Love and Good Magic!

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