Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Norse Magic Rune Wunjo = "Joy!"

The rune Wunjo corresponds to the letter "W". Besides being called "Wunjo" it is also called Wynn, Wunna, Vend. A quick definition of Wunjo is Bliss, Pleasure, Joy, Delight, Hope and pasture. What a wonderful rune! It is one of my "favorites!"

Wunjo is connected with the Ash tree as well as the deity Frey and the Elves. However Freya Aswynn connects it with Odin. It corresponds to the color "Yellow", one of my all time favorite colors. (This could just be because I am a Leo). The Tarot card closest to it would be "Leo."

Magical meanings would be, Security, Comfort, Happiness, good social life. The negative would be Needless self-sacrifice. 

Wunjo can be used to realize the true will and to act in accordance with it. One of the oldest concepts of this rune is "Wishing." Wunjo also indicates a will to win. The force of this rune is the power of exerting one's will. 

It is a very magical rune, since all the magic has to do with the operation and exertion of the will. It combines with Raido, as Raido operates as a means of not only controlling the will but carrying it out to completion. This would probably be why it is connected to Odin as another name for Odin is "Will," or "William" ("Will I Am"). 

May Wunjo's blessings be yours!

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