Thursday, December 23, 2010

Norse Witch Magic Secrets of Holly!

Holly is the sacred tree of the god Thor in the Norse belief. He is the Holly Giant of Yule, who carries a club of the wood. The Celtic belief is that it is associated with the god Taranis. Ancient Druid priests always carried a staff made of Holly wood.

Holly is reputed to be a "lightening" surppressor, and it is the wood from which sacred staves can be made. It is associated with the Mannaz rune. 

Holly blossoms act as a magical protection to prevent the entry of harmful people or forces into the house. For protection it should be fixed to the door sill or door handles. Door handles and sills could be made of Holly wood for added protection. 

Holly protects against Malevolent forces, the Evil Eye, especially the wood from trees which have suffered in-growth of branches. Holly is most associated with Yuletide, when it is the preferred decoration of the house and Holiday pudding.  I have even thought Holly might even have it's roots in our word "Holiday".

A favorite Christmas carol about the sacred tree of Yuletide, which contains much traditional lore about Holly, says:

The Holly and the ivy,
When they are both full grown,
Of all the trees in the Wood,
The Holly bears the crown.

Holly is considered to be a male principal and the ivy female. After Yule a Holly sprig should be kept in the house to protect from lightening. 

Since I am always looking at Signs and Symbols, I have wondered and speculated about the "name" of the Film Capital of the world in California. Why do "you" think they chose the name "Hollywood?" It is interesting, to say the least. Are Dark Magicians running the film industry? 

Brightest of Blessings,

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