Friday, December 31, 2010

Power and Magic of the Square of Saturn Talisman!

The Square of Saturn, from the time of King Solomon, has been used in witchcraft and magic for "Protection" from all enemies, be they Human or supernatural. The square is it's most effective when used the way King Solomon used it himself, this being as part of the Second Pentacle of Saturn. The figure (shown above at the beginning of the article) shows the complete pentacle. 

If you create your own, doing the work yourself, it will add even more power to your Saturn Pentacle. The Square of Saturn pentacle will make one side of a very important talisman to wear around your neck on a ribbon or chain. The standard size for a talisman such as this is (3 inches in diameter), this will make it easier to use your pentacle in combination or as medallions. 

The Square of Saturn itself is:

                                            S A T O R
                                            A R E P O
                                            T E N E T
                                            O P E R A
                                            R O T A S

Part of the magic of the square is it's perfection of form that reads from any direction, and more comes form the Kabbalistic Numerology. Set in the Pentacle (at the top of the page) and properly consecrated, this becomes an exceptionally good tool for protection. 

The equipment needed to make your pentacle is a compass, a straight edge, a fountain pen with black ink and card stock paper. The vibrations from you during the construction should be loving and help bind it to you - so your mood of confidence and peace is essential during the time you are drawing and lettering your work. Be neat but do not try to be a perfectionist. 

This will be a one of kind pentacle because you have worked "yourself" into it. Even if the lettering is uneven. The pentacle should then be glued to a metal or wooden disk and protected with several coats of varnish. Then it can be consecrated with a ritual similar to an ankh consecration. 

Here is the chant:

Square of power, Saturn's life,
Protect me ever more from strife.
Bound to me by word and Light,
Keep me safe both day and night.
A strong protector unto me,
And As my Will, So Mote it Be!

Next, I will show you how to do a Jupiter Medallion for the opposite side, to bring riches, honor and wealth.

Good Luck, Good Love and Good Magic!


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