Monday, December 13, 2010

Norse Witch The Magical Element "Ice"

Unlike the other four elements, the presence of "ice" in nature is less prevalent. In most places, outside high mountains or the polar regions, it is the seasonal element of Winter-time. 

Ice is the fifth 'element' in the Northern tradition, being the static, solid form of water. It is associated with massive inexorable processes. In form, ice ranges from the delicate sixfold crystalline patterns of snowflakes (the form of the rune Hagal) to glaciers and continental ice-caps. The elements of Ice are therefore not the gnomes of the Earth or the nixies of the water, but the giants, slow and massive.

However we look upon these beings, weather as arrays of physical matter and forces acting in a certain way; as the interaction between human consciousness and partially controllable energy-systems; or as willful entities, endowed with some kind of power and consciousness, the outcome is the same.

By using traditional ways of seeing and thinking, we can gain a rapport with conditions which modern society marginalizes. 

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