Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Freya's "Witch Mountain" Horselberg

The Horselberg Mountain, also known as the Mountain of Venus, or Venusberg lies in  Thuringia Germany. Witches from this area were accused of venerating Freya and celebrating sabbats at this "Witch Mountain". But Horselberg is most famous as the location associated with the legendary German Knight Tannhauser. 

The story of Tannhauser describes his visit to a deity known as, "Frau Venus", a euphemism for Freya. Tannhauser was a celebrated German Minstrel Knight, similar to the French troubadours of the twelfth to fourteenth centuries. 

According to the legend, Tannhauser was riding past the Horselberg at twilight when an incredibly beautiful woman mysteriously appeared and beckoned him. He left his horse, and came to her, discovering that she was none other than "Frau Venus", Freya. He accepted her invitation to enter her palace in the very heart of the mountain. But before he knew it, seven years of pleasure and happiness had passed. 

After seven years, Tannhauser was suddenly struck with homesickness and sadness. He longed to see the sunlight. And it is implicated that after several years of living blissfully with his Pagan Witch Queen, Tannhauser has an attack of Christian guilt. Tannhauser says a heartfelt goodbye to Freya, Frau Venus and leaves. 

Tannhauser goes directly to the church to seek absolution. Tannhauser tells his tale to the local priest. Not knowing what to do with this type of confession the priest sends him to the bishop, then eventually the Pope. The Pope rebukes Tannhauser telling him his sin is unforgivable. The Pope declares that the almond wood staff that he carries will flower before Tanhauser's sins will ever be forgiven. 

At this point Tannhauser, despairing returns to the one place he knows will always welcome him with open arms:Freya and The Venusburg, Witch Mountain. Three days after his departure, the Pope discovered that his staff had budded and flowered. 

Realizing that he was wrong to reject Tannhauser's repentance he sent messengers after him. But it was too late. Observers described seeing Tannhauser reach, ascend and enter Freya's mountain. 

Several other mountains in Germany had reputations as "Witches Mountains." They were Heuberg Mountain in the district of Baden-Wurttemberg, Huberg Mountain near Halberstadt, and Koterberg in Westphalia. 

Brightest of Freya's blessings, 

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