Friday, December 3, 2010

Norse Magic Pine Needle Spell for Prosperity and Health.

Soon, many of us will be putting up our Yule-Tide tree, Christmas tree, or what have you. If you are a traditionalist, you will have a real tree and in no time at all be presented with the problem of falling "needles. Well here is an answer of what to do with some of those pine needles, as well as doing your bit to recycle. Although you can do this spell at any time of year by just collecting your pine needles outside in your yard or forest.

Pine needles taken from a bed of earth in the forest or swept up from under your Yule or Christmas tree. 

Pine needles are sacred to the spirits of the woods. Aside from having great healing powers, they are known to ward off evil and to cleanse the spirit. According to eighteenth-century lore, chewing pine needles protected one from gunshot wounds. 

Also known as evergreen, pine is used to draw money and prosperity. To work this spell, take a handful of fresh pine needles and rub them vigorously between your palms. Focus on your desire, be it protection, healing, cleansing or prosperity. Feel the needles prick your palms, and as they do, visualize your desire piercing into physical manifestations. 

For healing, rub the pine needles over the area of the body that needs healing.

For protection, place some pine needles in the mouth and chew. 

For cleansing, add pine needles to bath water and soak, or after rubbing in palms, pass your hand over your entire body. Begin at the top of the head and move toward the feet. End by rubbing the soles of your feet. 

For prosperity, after rubbing the pine needles  in palms fill your pockets or purse with crushed pine needles. 

Brightest of Blessings,

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