Thursday, December 2, 2010

Norse Witch Spell to Bind an Enemy

Here is an effective Norse Witch Spell; a "Magical Self Defense" to keep those that you believe would harm you or wish you ill, at bay.

Some people might consider the use of poppets to be malevolent. But this would depend strictly on the "intent" of the practitioner. If your intention is merely to suppress someone else from hurting you; and you are not hurting them in the process, I see nothing wrong with this. 

Cast a circle.

Light a Black Candle. Burn Incense of Saturn.

Sprinkle a poppet you have formed with Salt Water. Say, "Blessed be, thou creature made by art. By art made, by art charged. Thou are not wax (cloth, etc.) but flesh and blood. I name thee _____________ (the name of the person you are binding). Thou art s(he), between the worlds, So mote it be.

Hold the poppet in your hands. Visualize a silver net falling over it and binding the person it represents. 

Take a Red Ribbon and wrap it around the poppet, tying it firmly, and binding all parts of the body that could conceivably harm yourself or others. Charge the binding with power:

By Air and Earth,
By Water and Fire,
So be you bound,
As I desire.
By three and nine,
Your power I bind,
By Moon and Sun,
My Will be done.
Sky and Sea
Keep harm from me.
Cord go round,
Power be bound,
Light revealed,
Now be "Sealed."

Open the circle.
Bury the poppet during a waning Moon, far from your house, under heavy rock.

Brightest of Blessings and Protection,

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