Friday, December 17, 2010

Geometric Magic

Everything is energy vibrating in a pattern. The pattern, or combination of patterns, determines how the energy manifests itself, whether as wind or a bird or a human being. It would seem logical, then that the most basic patterns would be resonating with he most basic energies.

One way to describe our physical Universe is as a combination of curved and straight lines. It is not the lines themselves that create patterns, but the joining of them. The most basic pattern of a curved line that we can make is a circle, and the most basic pattern of a straight line that we can make is a triangle. 

"That's nice", you might say. It's more than nice really, it is very useful. It means that we can use simple circles and triangles to relax our muscles, to stimulate our senses, to empower our bodies and our minds, and to increase our energy capacity. 

How? By looking at them, by sitting in them, and by hanging them around the house. Many ancient people have used such patterns as mandalas to gaze at, or prayer rugs to sit on, or wall hangings and paintings to energize the environment. Often they have modified the basic design into more complicated forms, but circles and triangles are still the foundation.

Circles generate an energy that tends to be more relaxing and more conducive to thinking and meditating. You can use circles made of any material, even printed or painted on a surface. Believe it or not, a Hula Hoop makes a great meditation device. Sitting within it is very relaxing and beneficial, especially a break from busy activity. 

A piece of rope could be used, but it is not easy to form a circle with one. Having a circle nearby to look at is also very helpful to counter-balance high activity and focus. You might try hanging a larger circle in a window so you can look through it. It changes the whole experience of gazing out the window. For a real treat, draw or print a black circle at least six inches in diameter on a white piece of paper, and gaze at it for a while. Once you relax enough you will start to feel a higher energy level and you will see many unusual visual effects. 

The triangle tends to induce a more stimulating energy and effect. It is good for active meditations and more outgoing mental and physical activity. A good, portable energizing center can be made by three fifty inch staves simply formed into a triangle on the floor or ground. You can stand or sit in it, your choice. 

Having a triangle to stand on or look at when you get up will help you wake up faster, and having some triangles around your work area will sharpen your mind and increase your endurance. But be sure to have some "circles" to turn to before you get too stressed out. 

Also, a point to remember, just having circular and triangular objects or drawings isn't enough for the full effect. you have to put your attention on them to get the most benefit. 

Brightest of Blessings,

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