Friday, December 31, 2010

Power and Magic of the Square of Saturn Talisman!

The Square of Saturn, from the time of King Solomon, has been used in witchcraft and magic for "Protection" from all enemies, be they Human or supernatural. The square is it's most effective when used the way King Solomon used it himself, this being as part of the Second Pentacle of Saturn. The figure (shown above at the beginning of the article) shows the complete pentacle. 

If you create your own, doing the work yourself, it will add even more power to your Saturn Pentacle. The Square of Saturn pentacle will make one side of a very important talisman to wear around your neck on a ribbon or chain. The standard size for a talisman such as this is (3 inches in diameter), this will make it easier to use your pentacle in combination or as medallions. 

The Square of Saturn itself is:

                                            S A T O R
                                            A R E P O
                                            T E N E T
                                            O P E R A
                                            R O T A S

Part of the magic of the square is it's perfection of form that reads from any direction, and more comes form the Kabbalistic Numerology. Set in the Pentacle (at the top of the page) and properly consecrated, this becomes an exceptionally good tool for protection. 

The equipment needed to make your pentacle is a compass, a straight edge, a fountain pen with black ink and card stock paper. The vibrations from you during the construction should be loving and help bind it to you - so your mood of confidence and peace is essential during the time you are drawing and lettering your work. Be neat but do not try to be a perfectionist. 

This will be a one of kind pentacle because you have worked "yourself" into it. Even if the lettering is uneven. The pentacle should then be glued to a metal or wooden disk and protected with several coats of varnish. Then it can be consecrated with a ritual similar to an ankh consecration. 

Here is the chant:

Square of power, Saturn's life,
Protect me ever more from strife.
Bound to me by word and Light,
Keep me safe both day and night.
A strong protector unto me,
And As my Will, So Mote it Be!

Next, I will show you how to do a Jupiter Medallion for the opposite side, to bring riches, honor and wealth.

Good Luck, Good Love and Good Magic!


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Norse Witch Magic and the Labyrinth

Over the past few years there has been renewed interest in one of the most powerful of human mystical symbols - the "Labyrinth." It is unlike the "Maze," who's function is for entertainment, and where walking through it and getting lost in it is part of the fun. 

The Sacred Labyrinth is Unicursal, ie. it has only one path to the center, covering the entire Labyrinth with no dead ends. The Unicursal Labyrinth is a symbol of wholeness, birth and transformation which has been used in many parts of the world for thousands of years. The Labyrinth is a symbol of spirit coming into matter (prima-materia) within the womb of the Mother Goddess. Birth, or coming into this world, is symbolized by the leaving of the Labyrinth for the first time.  It is Universal symbol, known by most cultures  of the world except China and Sub-Saharan Africa.

As a symbol it is unique because it can be of any size from the motif of a coin to one large enough to walk through. It has a difficult entry, and as a pathway of a pilgrim or soul or spirit it represents "transformation" by a singular, circular route. 

Only the Unicursal Labyrinth has protective, initiatory and geomantic magic uses. In India, it is used as a "Yantra" (charged sacred diagram) for focusing the mind. To the Hopi of North America, it is an emblem called "Mother Earth." 

Small flat stones with the classical Labyrinth design carved into them are used in Britain and Ireland as trance-inducing agents. These are known as brain-stones, troy-stones, moon-stones, or serpent-stones. 

These Labyrinth carvings can be used to induce a state of mental hypnosis or trance. This is achieved by staring at the pattern, and following the path of the Labyrinth with a finger, in and out, in and out until one is "Amazed!" During this process, one can use a rhythmic hum or chant based on a deity's or rune's name and should be done until the desired state is achieved. 

In the Norse tradition there are three basic types of Unicursal Labyrinths. The most widespread is the "Classical" Labyrinth, with a single, fairly simple pathway to the center. Simpler than this, but less common is the Labyrinth which has one-way loops leading to the center. Lastly related to this one is a type popular in Scandinavia and Germany, the 'in-and back' Labyrinth, where the path does not end at the center but returns the runner to the entrance. 

Wherever a Labyrinth of traditional design is made, the character of the site is altered.  A formerly unimportant area becomes a focus of human interest, and energies are generated there. 

Brightest of Blessings,


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Norse Magic Rune Nauthiz for Prophecy, Protection and Stress

Nauthiz is also called by the names: Naudhiz, Nyd, Naut, Naudr. A quick descriptive reference would be Need, Necessity and distress. The color of Nauthiz is "Black." It corresponds to the letter or stave "N."  The deity most associated with Nauthiz would be the Norn "Skuld."

Skuld is the youngest of the Norns and is usually portrayed as wearing a veil, while Urd and Verdandi have none. The meaning of this is that the future is hidden from site or "vision." But if Skuld is approached in a friendly, manner of reverence, she will lift her veil and give you a brief look into the future. 

Through it's power inspiration can be gained. In the process of self discovery and development, it is the mystery which points to the way of knowledge of one's personal direction or destiny. And it is a tool for development of one's personal Will.

From a "Magical" perspective Nauthiz can be very useful. It can be used as a psychological tool to overcome distress (or just stress) in life. Nauthiz can be used as a sort of Magical "War Fetter" to restrict other people from harming you. The rune was scratched on warriors finger nails for protection in battle. 

Nauthiz clears up "Distress" that clouds our reality or judgement. It brings up things from the past (not necessarily good) that drive us. Also Nauthiz indicates that "Caution" is used to succeed. The negative meaning of Nauthiz is "Impatience" which can lead to disaster. 

There is an old Germanic association that links the Nauthiz rune with the element of fire. "Need Fire" was originally the kindling for High rituals such as Yule, Beltane, Samhain, and Summer Solstice. Couples leaping over the fire at the time of Hand-fastings (or weddings) is a remnant of this custom. 

Brightest of Blessings,

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Freya Goddess of Seider and Rune Magic

Wise-women, seeresses, rune-mistresses and healers were closely connected with Freya in the Viking world. She is the goddess of magic and love affairs (not marriages).

The female volva went about the ancient tribes giving predictions of the future through trance and were linked to cults of both Freya and Odin. They also did healing and occasional cursing. They did not marry, although they did take lovers. These women carried a staff with a bronze cap or mounting and wore capes, hoods and gloves of fur. 

The sacred symbol of both Freya and her twin brother Frey is the boar. Boar images were used on ceremonial objects and war helmets. Some Teutonic tribes wore masks or helmets that covered the face and had a tusk protruding on each side. 

A Swedish king had a helmet Hildgoltr (Battle Pig) and won another helmet Hildisvin (Battle Swine). Neck-rings and arm-rings also carried the boar symbol. 

Freya was also known as the great "Dis". The "Disir" (goddesses) were nine women dressed in black and carrying swords. Nine ( a Moon number) was considered the most sacred and mysterious of numbers. At the beginning of Winter, particularly in Sweden, these (Spirits) and Freya were worshiped in a ceremony called the Disablot. The Disir brought good luck, but they were also merciless in exacting justice. 

Seider is a form of magic, trance and divination that originated with Freya, and it was a feminine mystical craft. It was fairly independent of runic magic, being more involved in shape shifting, astral body travel through the nine worlds, sex magic and other techniques. 

Brightest of Freya's Blessings

Norse Magic Spell to Command Help from Others on the Job

This Norse Magic Spell can be used when you feel overwhelmed, and your work load is so great that you could really use some help. In today's workforce there is the "Hey, that's not "my" job!" attitude.

So when you need a job done and you want to have others "help" you out and be glad to do it, use this spell. It can also be used to gain "Command" and will cause others to treat you more respectfully at work. 

Allspice, cinnamon and clove are the central "Controlling" ingredients. Ginger steps up the actions of those you want to command. Lemon and Orange make them feel more generous toward you. 

Lemon and Orange peel

Prepare a bowl of powdered allspice, cinnamon, clove, ginger, lemon, and orange peel, leave it out in the workplace. Dust your hands with this mixture when you need to gain control. This blend of Magical ingredients should summon their service with a smile.

Good Luck, Good Love and Good Magic!

Monday, December 27, 2010

How to Magically Condition Your Aura

I think that most of us believe that our Aura, and this is assuming we even think we "have" an Aura, just pretty much takes care of itself. What we fail to consider is that our "Aura" is "alive."  It  has to be Magically nurtured and cleansed just as much as the physical body.

A clean Aura is important! If we have a cloudy, dirty gray Aura "this" is what we will attract in kind from the Universe. Be it a new love interest, job, business opportunities, or what have you. A dirty Aura is also a bed for illness, sickness and disease. Want to stay healthy keep your Aura clean. So if you want to attract better opportunities and good health a clean Aura is a "must."

After bathing or showering, before you think of leaving the dressing area, it is time to clean and perfume your Aura, in much the same way you did your body. Stop for a brief 30 seconds to 30 minutes, depending on you. How long does it take for "you" to feel that your Aura is as clean as your body that you have freshened and put attractive clothes on? 

It is a simple technique of asking for Light to bathe you and cleanse your Aura. Feel the powerful shaft of Light beaming down and washing your Aura just as  a running brook would wash your body. 

Then send the Light before you. Direct it mentally and say aloud: "I send the Light before me to make the path easy and the way straight. It brings inspiration, uplifting, effectiveness, enthusiasm and joy to every being who comes close to my Aura. I am Light going to meet Light, and only GOOD can result." 

Good Luck, Good Love and Good Magic!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Finding Happiness and Magic 0n the Day "After" Christmas!

The season of "Believing" is winding down. The big day of families ripping into presents with the Joy, greed and avarice is over. Now thoughts of credit card debt and perhaps over drawn bank accounts creep in. Feeling let down and depleted, we wonder where's the Happiness gone?

We place so many demands and limitations on "happiness." Perhaps we think we will be happy when we get a bigger kitchen, or a new job, or the perfect someone to share our life with. But wouldn't you like to find the Magic Key of being happy right now?

Where we make our mistake is we need to stop thinking that things outside our control will bring us happiness. We need to adopt  a new state of mind, and quality of "thought."

Sounds corny but every morning when we wake up we are given a wonderful, Magical gift - another day of Life - so let's make the most of it!

Admittedly, remodeling the kitchen, landing the job we've been dreaming of, or finding that special someone can make us feel - at least momentarily - happier. But "Magic" seeds of contentment  are planted deep within us. Happiness that the world cannot take away only flourishes in the secret garden of our souls. 

By tending to our inner garden and uprooting the seeds of external expectations, we can nurture authentic happiness the same way we would nurture something that's beautiful and alive. Because Happiness is a "Living" emotion. 

Ultimately, genuine happiness can only be realized once we commit to making it a personal priority in our lives. This may be new behavior for some of us and a bit intimidating. But be gentle with yourself. It will unfold. Today, you may not be familiar with the magic of the "happiness habit". But like any new behavior, Happiness can be learned. 

Brightest of Blessings,

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Quantum Physics and Dream States

In this new Age of Quantum Physics we are able to introduce the idea of both Quantum Physics and dreams being "timeless." 

When we are in a sleeping dreaming state or a having a "Shamanic Experience," particularly when it is taking place in the dark, you are shut off from the outside world and it's perceptions. This is when you are likely to see bizarre super-positions. The dream is a view into the Freudian id or, if you like, the unconscious mind. 

Quantum Physics, like dreams does not deal with the "outside" world of matter, but instead with ghostlike clouds of possibilities. These are essences that are in a very real sense "dreamlike." To put it in a more understandable way, by controlling these nebulous, possibilities, one gains some control of the "real world." How and to what extent control is gained may be due to just how correlated and how may sensory experiences are involved in the appearance of events.

Ordinary or non-telepathic dreams differ from telepathic in one way, and that is the data that is collected during the dream. Ordinary dreams usually correlate the days remembered experiences with past  associations and/ or future expectations contained in memories.

But telepathic dreams are very different. They tend to correlate feelings and emotions with space-time events.Dreams seem to originate in a way that escapes our normal waking selves. We tend to dream of things that we may never have even thought we had any concern with. Where as our waking awareness is concerned with space-time issues. This Dreaming effect would be very similar to the high level abstraction of Quantum Physics where there is in actuality no breakdown of  Space, Time, Energy or Matter called "S.T.E.M." 

Our waking awareness is concerned with Space-Time-Matter issues. We organize our daily experiences according to our coordination with Space, Time and Matter. Not so in Dreams. Here we seem to link events, not according to space and time, but to feeling and emotion. This could well be what Shakespeare referred to when he said, "Life is like a Dream within a Dream." 

Why would our dreams act this way? Well in Quantum Physics we are also taught the concept that we are all connected. One thought might be that these dreams are assessment damage. While we are awake we are fairly self-centered, individualized and fragmented. During our dreams we seem to rearrange the daily residue of waking life  according to different priorities. The dreaming self seems concerned with anything that interferes with it's "connection" with other human and sometimes non-human beings. This is done thorough visual metaphor. 

The dream metaphors link feelings and emotions with visual imagery.  It has been suggested that we dream and heighten this connection with others to survive not as "individuals," but to survive as a "Whole". This would also suggest that when events become catastrophic, or threatening our survival as a species would sense them in our dreams.  Thus the New Age mantra, "We are all One!"

So what are we doing when we are dreaming? We are correlating data syncronistically (in a Quantum Physical,"space like" separated events) with (classical physical "time like " separated events.) 

Brightest of Blessings,
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Norse Witch Magic Secrets of Holly!

Holly is the sacred tree of the god Thor in the Norse belief. He is the Holly Giant of Yule, who carries a club of the wood. The Celtic belief is that it is associated with the god Taranis. Ancient Druid priests always carried a staff made of Holly wood.

Holly is reputed to be a "lightening" surppressor, and it is the wood from which sacred staves can be made. It is associated with the Mannaz rune. 

Holly blossoms act as a magical protection to prevent the entry of harmful people or forces into the house. For protection it should be fixed to the door sill or door handles. Door handles and sills could be made of Holly wood for added protection. 

Holly protects against Malevolent forces, the Evil Eye, especially the wood from trees which have suffered in-growth of branches. Holly is most associated with Yuletide, when it is the preferred decoration of the house and Holiday pudding.  I have even thought Holly might even have it's roots in our word "Holiday".

A favorite Christmas carol about the sacred tree of Yuletide, which contains much traditional lore about Holly, says:

The Holly and the ivy,
When they are both full grown,
Of all the trees in the Wood,
The Holly bears the crown.

Holly is considered to be a male principal and the ivy female. After Yule a Holly sprig should be kept in the house to protect from lightening. 

Since I am always looking at Signs and Symbols, I have wondered and speculated about the "name" of the Film Capital of the world in California. Why do "you" think they chose the name "Hollywood?" It is interesting, to say the least. Are Dark Magicians running the film industry? 

Brightest of Blessings,

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Magical Witch Cat Tale

International fairy tale witches in particular are associated with animal transformation. Although witches are identified with many animals, in Fairy tales the animal seems to be almost exclusively the "cat.".

In the tales the cat may be a guise in which the witch transforms herself. Or the cat may be the witch's alter ego. The cat will be the witches "fetch." Often in Fairy tales, the secret witch's identity is revealed through the fate of the cat. When the cat is killed, the witch simultaneously dies also. Or if the cat is harmed, often by an amputation of it's paw, a previously unsuspected witch suddenly and mysteriously sports identical injuries or scars. 

This classic tale is an example that combines all the above motifs. It is called "The Tale of Kowashi's Mother". It is Japanese story of magical identity-theft. 

Kowashi and his nice, normal mother live in a small village at the foot of a mountain. One day, all of a sudden, Kowashi notices that Mom's teeth are exceptionally long, sharp and pointy. And she has also suddenly developed  a taste for fish heads and bones.

Their neighbor, a fisherman, comes home very late one night, carrying a basket of fish and is attacked by a pack of wild cats. The fisherman fights them off but the brazen cats refuse to retreat. One shouts, "Get Old Lady Kowashi!"

A huge raggedy gray cat appears. The fisherman whacks it on the head. As the sun comes up, the cats disappear. Kowashi wakes up to find Mom in the kitchen, her head all bandaged up, chewing on fish bones. He wonders....

Kowashi goes to school. When he returns home, his neighbor the fisherman is waiting for him and recounts his nocturnal adventure, including the part about, "Old Lady Kowashi!"

Kowashi enters his house where his mother,upon seeing him, arches her back and hisses. Kowashi decides that this cannot be his mother. A "witch-cat" must have killed her and stolen her image or so he  believes. He slices off her head with a sword. At his feet lies a huge, ragged gray cat. 

I hope you enjoyed the telling of this tale.
Brightest of Blessings,

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Norse Magical Elements for Winter Solstice Prosperity, Protection and Love

A great deal of the decorations that we have come to think of as traditional for "Christmas" are in actuality remnants from ancient Pagan customs. They were used to celebrate the Winter Solstice, which is "Today" December 21st. The Holly and Laurel were believed to bring protection and luck into the home all winter long. Evergreens and pine were symbols of the god of the woods or nature. Tradition held that at the end of Winter all these items must be burned in order to welcome in Spring.

In today's world, we see see trees and wreaths being javelined out  front doors, or dumped in the street the day after Christmas. The ancient Pagans kept these branches on the hearth all winter long. The stem of the tree, or Yule log, was even saved a "whole year" and burned on the following Winter Solstice for continuity of the gods' blessings. 

Bright and colorful candles or lights were lit to welcome the birth of the Sun God. Use these traditional Yuletide decorations with the added knowledge that they are bringing protection, luck, life and light into your home. 

Wassail is a special drink served on the Winter Solstice. Originally the word was as a drinking salute meaning "Be Whole." A traditional recipe is to mull wine, ale or beer with cinnamon sticks, cloves, allspice and nutmeg. This brew is said to bestow health and blessings on all who drink it. If Wassail is made with beer or ale it adds extra protection. If made with wine, it enhances your powers of divination. 

The ancient Pagans believed the energy of the dying god, was represented in the slaughtered pig or boar. The eating of this meat would summon the rebirth of the god in each individual. Roast pork or ham should be prepared by glazing the meat with honey, then either stuffing or garnishing the meat with pineapple and apples. 

Mistletoe was believed to bring luck to the hunter. During winter months, when vegetation was sparse, the successful hunting of meat meant survival. Mistletoe is also used for another type of hunt. If you want to pierce someone with Cupid's arrow, kiss him or her under the Mistletoe. But be careful as it is also a "fertility" symbol. 

Lastly roast chestnuts over an open fire (or in an oven if no fireplace). They are said to increase your luck in love. 

May you have Good Luck, Good Love and Good Magic on Your Winter Solstice! 


Monday, December 20, 2010

Norse Magical Rune Hagalaz for Change and Protection

In the alphabet Hagalaz corresponds to the letter "H". It is known by the names Hagalz, Haegl, Hagal - Hail and Snow. It has been equated with the deity Hella, but I believe it has more of an association with the "Norns", as it is destruction that leads to "change". Hagalaz has an assimilation with the Yew and Ash trees. It's color is light blue and it corresponds to the "The World" card in the Tarot. Astrologically it would be "Aquarius." 

In the first aett, set of runes,they dealt with emergence of order out of chaos.  Hagalaz is the first rune of the "second" aett. It creates disruption and disorder, but it also brings about necessary change and evolution. But even the most superficial meaning of Hagalaz is "Negative". Hagalaz means "hail" and hail is a substance consisting of frozen water and air, although it is not as hard or dense as ice; every farmer knows what hail can do to his crops. It is a destructive natural force. 

Hagalaz is the uncontrolled forces in the unconscious, which are usually of a disruptive nature and which usually come from the past. Hagalaz signifies the realms of Hel or the underworld, this is the area of the personal unconscious. This rune can be used for the darker side of witchcraft in the negative and feminine sense. The goddess secondarily associated with this rune is "Urd" the oldest of the Norns. It can be used as a spell in a negative nature where it would turn a person's past against them or used to invoke someones Wyrd (Karma). 

For magical purposes the "H" stave is most powerful in workings for realization of the structures and dynamics of the "World." It is the seed of knowledge and it is an effective tool for protection.

Brightest of Blessings,

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Norse Witchcraft Casting the Magic Circle

In the permanent stone circles of the Megalithic era, where rituals were enacted for hundreds of years, great reservoirs of power were built up. Because the stones defined the space, there was no need to "draw the circle" as witches and shaman do. The form of circle casting that we use today was probably originated during times of persecution, when meetings were held secretly, indoors, and it became necessary to create a temple in a simple hut. 

When we cast a circle we create an energy form, a boundary that limits and contains the movements of subtle forces. The outer forms are a cloak for inner visualizations, so the circle becomes a living mandala, in which we are centered. 

In Witchcraft and Shamanism, the function of the circle is not so much to keep "out" negative energies as to keep "in" power so that it can rise to a peak. You cannot boil water without first putting it in a pot, and you cannot raise power effectively unless it is also contained. 

Leaving the circle during a ritual is discouraged, although cats and small children seem to pass across without disturbing the force field. 

The casting of the circle is the formal beginning of the ritual, the complex "cue" that tells us to switch our awareness into a deeper mode. In ritual we "suspend disbelief" just as we do when we are watching a play.

We allow the critical and analytical functions of our waking or "Talking Self" to relax so that our primal or "Younger Self" may respond fully and emotionally to what happens. The "Younger Self" responds best to actions, symbols, tangibles - so this change in consciousness is acted out, using a rich array of tools and symbols.

Casting a circle is an enacted meditation. Each gesture made, each tool used, each power invoked, resonates through layers of meaning to awaken an aspect of ourselves. 

Brightest of Blessings,

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Magical Dutch Yule Cakes

Dutch Yule cakes known as Specullass Poppen ("spice cakes") were the focus of intense seventeenth- and eighteenth-century ecclesiastical opposition to the incorporation of Pagan practices into Christmas celebration. 

Once upon a time, cookies and cakes baked in animal or human form substituted for Northern European Pagan blood sacrifices. Special wooden molds were used to create these cakes. These molds were preserved year after year and eventually developed an amulet type aura. Mold designs include animals, horned spirits, and images of female and male shamans. The "animal crackers" sold today may well be a holdover from this custom.

The tradition of creating Yule cakes pre-dates Christianity, and the tradition was retained post-Christianity. Eventually these cakes were incorporated into Dutch Christmas traditions, but many pagan motifs remained. 

First Roman Catholic, then Protestant authorities passed ordinances forbidding the baking, selling and eating of these cakes. The Church even ordered the molds to be destroyed. As a result the molds were banned; many were confiscated and burned. 

Yule cakes, or Speculass poppen cakes did not disappear; they remain popular today. Bakers just adjusted the molds, favoring more neutral images and more discreet motifs although many are very beautiful. Old Frisian cookie molds are prized collectors' items. 

Many modern Yule cakes, especially inexpensive ones, simply favor geometric cookie shapes or are formed into people, similar to gingerbread men cookies. But more elaborate Speculaas poppen are still made with old fashioned carved wooden molds. 

These cakes and molds also exist in German lands. Their German name is Lebkuchen, with the leb originally deriving from the Latin libitum or "offering." 

May you have a Joyous Yuletide!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Geometric Magic

Everything is energy vibrating in a pattern. The pattern, or combination of patterns, determines how the energy manifests itself, whether as wind or a bird or a human being. It would seem logical, then that the most basic patterns would be resonating with he most basic energies.

One way to describe our physical Universe is as a combination of curved and straight lines. It is not the lines themselves that create patterns, but the joining of them. The most basic pattern of a curved line that we can make is a circle, and the most basic pattern of a straight line that we can make is a triangle. 

"That's nice", you might say. It's more than nice really, it is very useful. It means that we can use simple circles and triangles to relax our muscles, to stimulate our senses, to empower our bodies and our minds, and to increase our energy capacity. 

How? By looking at them, by sitting in them, and by hanging them around the house. Many ancient people have used such patterns as mandalas to gaze at, or prayer rugs to sit on, or wall hangings and paintings to energize the environment. Often they have modified the basic design into more complicated forms, but circles and triangles are still the foundation.

Circles generate an energy that tends to be more relaxing and more conducive to thinking and meditating. You can use circles made of any material, even printed or painted on a surface. Believe it or not, a Hula Hoop makes a great meditation device. Sitting within it is very relaxing and beneficial, especially a break from busy activity. 

A piece of rope could be used, but it is not easy to form a circle with one. Having a circle nearby to look at is also very helpful to counter-balance high activity and focus. You might try hanging a larger circle in a window so you can look through it. It changes the whole experience of gazing out the window. For a real treat, draw or print a black circle at least six inches in diameter on a white piece of paper, and gaze at it for a while. Once you relax enough you will start to feel a higher energy level and you will see many unusual visual effects. 

The triangle tends to induce a more stimulating energy and effect. It is good for active meditations and more outgoing mental and physical activity. A good, portable energizing center can be made by three fifty inch staves simply formed into a triangle on the floor or ground. You can stand or sit in it, your choice. 

Having a triangle to stand on or look at when you get up will help you wake up faster, and having some triangles around your work area will sharpen your mind and increase your endurance. But be sure to have some "circles" to turn to before you get too stressed out. 

Also, a point to remember, just having circular and triangular objects or drawings isn't enough for the full effect. you have to put your attention on them to get the most benefit. 

Brightest of Blessings,

Norse Witch Spell to Increase Investments and Business!


Dark Green Leafy Lettuce
Nutmeg or Star Anise

The darker the lettuce, the deeper and stronger the prosperity it is alleged to draw. Fenugreek is eaten to expand wealth, and fenugreek seeds are sprinkled around a place of business to attract wealth. 

Spinach is a dark leafy green eaten to attract money and strength. (Guess "Pop Eye," the sailor in the cartoon, knew what he was doing!) 

Sprouts, because of their long branches, are believed to assist in "financial" expansions. Make a salad with all these ingredients to promote business expansions. For investments add a pinch of powdered Nutmeg or Star Anise over the salad to make you lucky and intuitive. 

Good Luck, Good Love, and Good Magic!
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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Creating Magic Water for " Weight Loss and Health"

In the great Witchcraft traditions pure water can be changed by the spirit forces to bring trace chemicals needed by your body for vibrant health. 

The good Witch or shaman will put a fresh glass of water on the nightstand at bedtime. Traditionally you hold your hands, palms down over the water to help direct vital energy into it as you chant:

The Water Chant for Health

Oh, spirits mine, this water pure is put here for your use.
To bring my body chemicals for health placed in this juice.
My loving thanks I send to you for help you give to me.
My vibrant is health is certain now, thanks and so mote it be. 

Next morning when you wake up, repeat the chant while directing the energy into the water with your hands. Then drink it all right down regardless of how it tastes. Some people get strange flavors in the morning, but that should be taken as a sign that your spirit friends are helping. 

I received a letter from a friend who tried this simple ritual on herself. She said, "I have been overweight for as long as I can remember, but the "Water Ritual" has brought me the help and incentive to get my old figure back. The first morning as I started the ritual the night before, I'd swear that the water tasted like pure iodine! But I got the feeling of help with my weight. I continued the ritual each evening and morning, and the water tasted just awful, but by the end of the first week I had lost 5 pounds! And I continued to loose 5 pounds a week for five full weeks. Now I am just the dress size I want to be, and the water has quit tasting so terrible in the mornings. But you can be sure I will continue this ritual for life - I love my new figure."

Good Luck, Good Love and Good Magic,

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Norse Magic Rune Wunjo = "Joy!"

The rune Wunjo corresponds to the letter "W". Besides being called "Wunjo" it is also called Wynn, Wunna, Vend. A quick definition of Wunjo is Bliss, Pleasure, Joy, Delight, Hope and pasture. What a wonderful rune! It is one of my "favorites!"

Wunjo is connected with the Ash tree as well as the deity Frey and the Elves. However Freya Aswynn connects it with Odin. It corresponds to the color "Yellow", one of my all time favorite colors. (This could just be because I am a Leo). The Tarot card closest to it would be "Leo."

Magical meanings would be, Security, Comfort, Happiness, good social life. The negative would be Needless self-sacrifice. 

Wunjo can be used to realize the true will and to act in accordance with it. One of the oldest concepts of this rune is "Wishing." Wunjo also indicates a will to win. The force of this rune is the power of exerting one's will. 

It is a very magical rune, since all the magic has to do with the operation and exertion of the will. It combines with Raido, as Raido operates as a means of not only controlling the will but carrying it out to completion. This would probably be why it is connected to Odin as another name for Odin is "Will," or "William" ("Will I Am"). 

May Wunjo's blessings be yours!

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Norse German Witch Magical "Hexes"

The word "Hex" derives from the German word for "Witch" (Hexe), but it is commonly used in the English language to indicate an evil or malevolent spell.

So in English, a Hex is a malicious, harmful, spell. A curse relies on the power of the individual who casts it; a Hex follows the same format as a spell. And although "anyone can cast a hexing spell, many people believe that Hexes cast by a witch are more powerful than those cast by a lay person. 

This may or not be true; depending on the individual casting the Hex.  Intent is the key with Hexes: identical material and techniques may be used to cast or break a Hex. 

Identical spells may be used to cast a malicious Hex  or create  "loving" magic. An example would be tossing "graveyard" dirt at someone may be intended to stimulate disaster "or" create an Aura of protection. The actions and materials may be identical; the sole difference is the focus and the "intent" of the spell-caster. The focus and the intent is enough to produce the desired outcome. 

Good Luck, Good Love and Good Magic,

Monday, December 13, 2010

Norse Witch The Magical Element "Ice"

Unlike the other four elements, the presence of "ice" in nature is less prevalent. In most places, outside high mountains or the polar regions, it is the seasonal element of Winter-time. 

Ice is the fifth 'element' in the Northern tradition, being the static, solid form of water. It is associated with massive inexorable processes. In form, ice ranges from the delicate sixfold crystalline patterns of snowflakes (the form of the rune Hagal) to glaciers and continental ice-caps. The elements of Ice are therefore not the gnomes of the Earth or the nixies of the water, but the giants, slow and massive.

However we look upon these beings, weather as arrays of physical matter and forces acting in a certain way; as the interaction between human consciousness and partially controllable energy-systems; or as willful entities, endowed with some kind of power and consciousness, the outcome is the same.

By using traditional ways of seeing and thinking, we can gain a rapport with conditions which modern society marginalizes. 

Good luck and Good Magic,
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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Always Another Way to do Anything, Quantum Physics

Every problem has more than one solution. In this infinite Universe in which we live, how could it be anything else? Yet people so often get stuck in one method, technique, process or plan for reaching their goals. 

If the goal is important, you should never give up. You should just change your approach. If a chronic illness isn't clearing up then do something you haven't been doing, such as working more with the mind and the emotions, if your approach has been primarily physical. In turn if your approach has been primarily emotional and mental and it is not working, start using physical means. 

If a confrontational approach has not been working in a relationship, use a more cooperative one, and vice versa. 

If your present plan for making more money hasn't been working, change your plan or change your career. 

If peace on Earth hasn't happened yet, then lets do more of what works and create more workable ways. 

Life, and the ways to improve life, exist in endless variety and potential. There is always another way.

Blessings Lory

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Magical Quantum Physics and the Power of the Aries Astrological Sign

The new laws of Quantum Physics and Magic tell us all is energy. That there is an infinite ocean of thinking, intelligent energy called the Quantum Ocean.

Everything known or even unknown in the Universe exists as a packet of "Quanta" in the Quantum Ocean, held together by a "Matrix." Some packets strengthen each other through the laws of "Resonant Frequencies," (like attracts like). Some packets weaken others. (Unlike frequencies detract one another)

It is Now, the time for Aquarian Energy Astrology. All you need to know to use his is your basic Solar chart and the packets of energy already contained in the Quantum Ocean, which will make you stronger, healthier, wealthier and wise. Some of the energy packets in the Quantum Ocean that you can use are Colors, Gems, Scents, Metals, Ruling Planets etc. 

Your basic Solar chart will tell which of the above Quantum Packets are beneficial to you. Then all you need do is bring them out of the Quantum Ocean and into your life by wearing them, meditating upon them or just being in their energy field. 

Powers of Aries:

The Ram is the symbol of Aries and symbolizes powerful individual energy. Aries is a Fire Sign and gives off heat and courage to all around it. 

It's gem is Amethyst and metals are iron and steel. Find a way to keep these Quantum Packets of Energy near you so that they can strengthen your Aura. 

Aries colors are Carmine, Red, Scarlet wear them, decorate your home with them. Breath these colors into your Aura. 

Your scent is Honeysuckle. Burn this in your home in the form of incense and let it seep into the walls and furniture. 

The most compatible Astrological signs that will strengthen your energies are Leos and Sagittarius. Seek them out as mates, friends and co-workers. 

Mars is your ruling planet. Take time to read all you can about Mars and make yourself a magical amulet. 

All of the above are packets of Quanta energy in the Quantum Ocean that are beneficial to the Aries energy structure.

There are many more but this should give you a a good start and understanding into the new science of Aries Quantum Energy Astrology. 

Brightest of Blessings,

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Norse God Odin and Santa Claus, One in the Same?

Today our conception of Santa Claus is that of a somewhat large, Magical, Metaphysical Elf. At the very least Santa Claus is thought of as a jolly, old fat man with a long white beard who lives at the North Pole and gives presents to all the good children of the world on Christmas Eve. But where did this idea of Santa Claus originate?

Few would suspect that the roots of "Santa Claus" begin with the Norse Myths, particularly the Norse god,"Odin," as well as a generous dose of the Christian legend St. Nicholas of Myra. The holiday traditions of Christmas, stem from Germanic countries pagan celebration of the Winter Solstice, Yule. 

A few times a year, but especially at "Yule", Odin was recorded as leading his hunting party, complete with Valkyries, through the sky. This event was known as the "Wild Hunt".  

On this wild ride through the sky, Odin was described as riding a horse with eight legs named Sleipnir, that could "fly" and leap great distances. This metamorphosed into Santa's "eight" reindeer. 

According to Norse history children would place their boots, filled with carrots, straw, or sugar near the chimney for Odin's flying horse, Sleipnir to eat. Odin would reward the children who left treats for his horse by replacing Sleipnir's food with gifts or candy for the children. 

This tradition survived in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands even many years after the adoption of Christianity. Later as a result of Christianity, the tradition was transferred to Saint Nicholas. And it was the adoption of St. Nicholas that we can still see the modern practice of hanging of stockings, to be filled with presents and treats, at the fireplaces of many homes. 

But how did we get the name "Santa Claus?" Odin was referred to by many names in Skaldic poetry, some of which describe his appearance. These names are: Sidgrani, and Sidskegger (meaning "Long beard").  In the 17th century Dutchmen emigrated to North America bringing their tradition of SinterKlaas with them. In the new English speaking world the name was changed into Santa Claus. 

It was the year 1930. Coca-Cola, the refreshing drink found it's sales went down in the Winter. A designer, working for Coca-Cola,  was instructed to think up an idea to increase sales using the existing company colors, red and white. He remembered the "Dutch" Santa Claus with his white dress, red cloak and long white beard. As a result our modern day conception of Santa Claus exists.  

May Odin's Blessings at Yule be many,

Friday, December 10, 2010

Norse Magic, "The Pentagram" Secrets Revealed

The "pentagram" is one of Freya's symbols. A pentagram is an ancient five-pointed star, with one upward point. The five points of the pentagram represent the four Elements, with Spirit at the top. It is a favorite symbol of witches, shamans and magicians. Sometimes it is called a pentacle, although the word now means any disk of metal or wood that is engraved with a pentagram and magical symbols.

A German folk name for pentagram is drudenfusz, "Witch's foot." German folk tradition indicates the use of pentagrams as protective talismans against evil spirits. During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, pentagrams were painted on homes or mounted within them to protect against evil. 

The Pennsylvania Dutch "hexafoos" also indicates "Witch's foot" and is sometimes used as  synonym for hex signs. It also names  a specific architectural motif involving an arch or a painted decoration beneath a barn window, that was expected to protect. 

Pentacles are traditionally protective talismans. In much of the ancient world the number five radiates energy and is the number most associated with protective spells. The pentagram may be understood to be related to the five-fingered hand shaped amulets such as the Hand of Fatima or the Hamsa, which symbolize the all-protecting Five Fingers of God. 

In Sacred Geometry, every pentagram reveals the ideal qualities represented by the number five, it demonstrates five triangles, five obtuse angles, and five acute angles and is an excellent symbol for counter-acting demons or malicious spirits. 

Pentacles are one of the Tarot suits where they are also called coins. They correspond with playing cards suit of Diamonds and are representative of the feminine element of Earth. 

Pentacles are "ancient"; earliest surviving images date back to over four thousand years before the Common Era. The pentagram, surrounded by a circle appears in rings worn by the Pythagorean brotherhood. 

Magus Eliphas Levi suggested that the pentacle represented the triumph of the human will over the power of the four elements. 

Good Luck and Good Magic,

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Magical Mince Pie for Luck and Love at Yule-tide

It is said that the number of mince pies that you taste over the Yule-tide Season, (Popularly know as the 12 days of Christmas), will equal your number of months of happiness in the coming year. So this pie can be eaten between Yule and Twelfth Night.  It is best never to cut mince pies, or you "cut" your luck. But if you do get the first slice of mince pie, you can make a wish. 

The poet Edward Lear, from the "Owl and Pussycat":

They dined on mince, and slices of quince,
Which they ate with a runicble spoon;
And hand in hand, at the edge of the sand,
They danced by the light of the Moon.


1/3 lb. beef boiled                       1/2 cup candies citrus rinds
2 tablespoons suet                 1 1/2 cup chopped apples, peeled
1 cup beef broth                    1 orange with rind, ground
2/3 cup brown sugar             1/2 lemon with rind, ground
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon              1/2 cup raisins
1 teaspoon clove                         1/3 cup currants
1 teaspoon nutmeg                     1/4 cup cognac
1/2 teaspoon salt                         1/4 cup rum

Grind the Beef and suet. Place in a large sauce pan. Stir in the beef broth, brown sugar, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, salt, rinds, apples, orange, lemon, raisins, and currents. Simmer until the apples are soft, about an hour. Cool. Stir in the cognac and rum. Poor into a sterilized jar that has a lid. Cover and age at least 3 months in the refrigerator before using. 

To bake, preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Pour the mincemeat into a 10 inch pie crust. A top crust will keep the pie moist but is optional. Bake for 30 minutes. 
Yield: One 10 inch pie.

Magical associations: Protection, passion, happiness, luck wishes. 

Mince pie is indicative of Yule-tide, but the passionate energies associated with this pie might make it appropriate at a Great Rite of Hand-fasting Ceremony.

Good Luck, Good Love, and Good Magic,

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Freya's "Witch Mountain" Horselberg

The Horselberg Mountain, also known as the Mountain of Venus, or Venusberg lies in  Thuringia Germany. Witches from this area were accused of venerating Freya and celebrating sabbats at this "Witch Mountain". But Horselberg is most famous as the location associated with the legendary German Knight Tannhauser. 

The story of Tannhauser describes his visit to a deity known as, "Frau Venus", a euphemism for Freya. Tannhauser was a celebrated German Minstrel Knight, similar to the French troubadours of the twelfth to fourteenth centuries. 

According to the legend, Tannhauser was riding past the Horselberg at twilight when an incredibly beautiful woman mysteriously appeared and beckoned him. He left his horse, and came to her, discovering that she was none other than "Frau Venus", Freya. He accepted her invitation to enter her palace in the very heart of the mountain. But before he knew it, seven years of pleasure and happiness had passed. 

After seven years, Tannhauser was suddenly struck with homesickness and sadness. He longed to see the sunlight. And it is implicated that after several years of living blissfully with his Pagan Witch Queen, Tannhauser has an attack of Christian guilt. Tannhauser says a heartfelt goodbye to Freya, Frau Venus and leaves. 

Tannhauser goes directly to the church to seek absolution. Tannhauser tells his tale to the local priest. Not knowing what to do with this type of confession the priest sends him to the bishop, then eventually the Pope. The Pope rebukes Tannhauser telling him his sin is unforgivable. The Pope declares that the almond wood staff that he carries will flower before Tanhauser's sins will ever be forgiven. 

At this point Tannhauser, despairing returns to the one place he knows will always welcome him with open arms:Freya and The Venusburg, Witch Mountain. Three days after his departure, the Pope discovered that his staff had budded and flowered. 

Realizing that he was wrong to reject Tannhauser's repentance he sent messengers after him. But it was too late. Observers described seeing Tannhauser reach, ascend and enter Freya's mountain. 

Several other mountains in Germany had reputations as "Witches Mountains." They were Heuberg Mountain in the district of Baden-Wurttemberg, Huberg Mountain near Halberstadt, and Koterberg in Westphalia. 

Brightest of Freya's blessings, 

Monday, December 6, 2010

Everything is "Relative", Quantum Physics

In Quantum Physics, there is in reality, "no" space, time energy or matter, (called S.T.E.M.) Today, we will explore "Time" from a Quantum Physics perspective.

"Now" is the moment of power, but how do we define what "now" is?  Perhaps the easiest and most practical definition is: the area or range of our present attention. So "Now" might be this second, this minute, this hour, day, month, or year depending on your focus. 

But using this definition involves accepting as "Now" elements of what we ordinarily call the past and the future, as in the case of focusing our attention on the present, day, month or year. 

What we call the future is only the future relative to what we define as the present moment, and the same is true for the past. if our attention is broad enough, we can even bring awareness of the past and future lives into the present moment (if you believe in them).

When our attention and awareness bring aspects of the past and future into this present moment, they are within the range of our power to change them. Which means that from the present we can change the past and the future.

Brightest of Blessings,