Friday, October 1, 2010

Bewitch to "Fascinate!"

Originally "Fascinate" was synonymous with "Bewitch" or "Allure." Another meaning is "to use witchcraft to transfix and hold spellbound by the means of irresistible power".

"Fascinate: derives from Fascinus, a Roman deity with the power to repel the Evil Eye and counteract it's evil effects. Fascinus was the anti-Evil Eye. His power caused the opposite effect. He had a life giving or rejuvenating effect. He could make new shoots spring from dried withered plants and restore fertility to barren women. 

Fascinus was symbolized by a phallus, and his power and protection was accessed through the use of phallic amulets. The phallic amulets were similar to the modern mobiles or wind chimes were combined with bells and slogans like "Here lives happiness!" and they were hung over door ways. Artifacts such as this were recovered from the ruins of Pompeii. The practice of placing protective images of phalluses on the house continued right into medieval times and were even found on church walls.   

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