Sunday, January 23, 2011

Occult "Wisdom" and Transmutation

Many people think of the word, "Wisdom" as meaning "Knowledge." But I would like to give a different definition of "Wisdom." That being, Wisdom is the end result of a process of integral function. It must be LIVED to be known. Experience is the start of wisdom. Wisdom is the child of the true gnosis; it's purpose is to bring eternity into time through true natural order functioning. 

It can never be completely stated in words; it sparks a true resonance in one's mind-heart between the Microcosm (man, the little order) and the Macrocosm (the big Order) in which man is integrated and functions. The true nature of "Wisdom" is that we are to become "Serpents of Wisdom." Since the snake is a creature that sheds it's skin regularly, it is also a symbol for change and psychic transformation and transmutation. 

Ignorance of man's true relation, dependence and correlation with the larger Universe deprives man of his sanity, health, true function, and proper growth in the Galactic Order of Hierarchies which form, maintain and renew untold Universes beyond the power of number, image or word to contain. 

Wisdom, then may be referred to as energy - substance - force from eternity which can enter us after due preparation; it manifests as function within the Light, Love, Wisdom and Power of the True Gnosis. Wisdom may be termed as the non-verbal essence-seed of balanced thinking, feeling, speaking and rest. 

It is an experience; it must be experienced in daily life function until it is radiant, life-giving and healing power is felt in your bones, belly, head, heart and hands. It is sometimes called the digestion of Light; it leads to inspired, spontaneous and healthy functioning.

In sum, we have the receiver, the wisdom - energy radiation, and their proper ordering and combining to make possible a blending and application in everyday use of the higher forces from the realms of Noetic Light.

"With all thy getting, get Wisdom."

Brightest of Blessings,

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