Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter Magical Season for Soul Crafting

Huge ice sickles spill from the gutters on the porch roof. The winter air outside today is thin, frigid, icy and stinging.  In winter we live in anticipation, waiting for the warmer, gentler days of spring to come. But this "dark" season has a purpose. 

The most ancient spiritual wisdom was centered around the predictable shifts in seasonal energies. Rituals revolved around sowing, reaping and cycles of light and darkness. 

For centuries Eastern healers - particularly practitioners of Chinese medicine - have considered the impact the seasons have on our bodies, minds and souls. But the symbiotic relationship between human beings and nature has been virtually ignored by Western medicine, until recently. 

Today physicians are acknowledging that some people suffer deep depression in the winter time because they are extremely sensitive to darkness. Light therapy restores their subtle energies to a healthy balance. Both my husband I enjoy the benefits of Dinshah's Color therapy, where one takes plastic filters,of different color, and  clips them onto a little portable lamp. My personal favorite for a lift from the winter doldrums is the color "Orange". I picture myself basking on a beach in the warm orange sunshine.  

Learning the Soul-craft of seasonal healing can bring new depth to our journey to wholeness. In the natural world, winter is the season of rest, restoration, and reflection. 

The twelfth-century German mystic Hildegard of Bingen suggests an easy way for us to begin exploring the richness of this seasonal Soul-Crafting:

Glance at the sun. 
See the moon and stars.
Gaze at the beauty of Earth's greetings. 

Brightest of Blessings, 

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