Sunday, January 30, 2011

Magical Workings with Nature Spirits

It is possible to communicate with Nature, this is because "she" is both alive and intelligent. She is alive and intelligent because she is inhabited by thousands of creatures of every sort and kind, whose task it is to take care of stones, plants and animals. 

These creatures are known in the traditional lore of every country in the world. We can be fairly sure that they are not exactly as various religions or cultures have described them. But the important thing to know is that Nature is alive because she is inhabited; that the four elements, earth, water, air and fire, are inhabited, and that it is possible for us to communicate with these Nature Spirits who inhabit Nature and the the elements and collaborate with them in different kinds of work. 

This reality has been known for thousands of years by magi, sorcerers, witches and Magicians of every continent who try to get these entities to work for them. Unfortunately many who work with the Nature Spirits do so to satisfy their own greed, sensuality, their desire for revenge etc. and the spirits obey them.

Nature Spirits are happy to be given some work to do and they do not bother about weather it is good or bad. They do whatever they are told, simply because they are in awe of a will that is superior to theirs and capable of dominating them. 

This is why so many people use these Nature Spirits to carry out abominable schemes. Knowing this, it is up to us to get them to collaborate with us in working for a higher Divine cause. 

When you are outdoors, in the midst of Nature, try to be aware of the presence of all these spirits who inhabit the earth, and who existed long before man made his appearance. Try to make contact with them and speak to them, to admire the great beauty of the work they do on earth, under the earth, in the air and water. 

They are always pleased when human beings pay attention to them. They will adopt you as a friend and smile on you, bringing you gifts of vitality, joy, poetic inspiration and even clairvoyance. 

But don't stop there. You must get all these billions of creatures that people the Universe to collaborate in the direction of Divine Work! When you go for a walk in the woods or mountains, speak to all the creatures who are there, contributing by their activity to the life of stones, plants and animals. Ask them to come and help those, like yourself, who are working for Love, Light and Peace, and for the establishment of a Better World! 

Brightest of Natures Blessings!

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