Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rune Jera and it's Magical Cycles of Return

Correlations for Rune Jera:
Name: Jera, Ger, Yer, Ar Jer - Good Year, Harvest,Season
Tree: Oak
Deities: Freya and  Freya
Color: Light Blue
Astrology: Earth
Magical Meaning: A cycle, time, reaping rewards from past experiences, no quick results. 

Jera is shown as two halves of the year circling around each other. They are two halves of the same whole, going from light to darkness and back again.

The Jera rune has a particular association with the turning of the year. The return of the year being at Yuletide along with the return of the sun. So it represents the cycle of the "Year" and the return of the seasons. 

The element related to this rune is the Earth. The gods associated with it are the Vanir twins Freya and Frey. This is part of the reason why this rune also has an association with fertility, in particular the fertility of crops. But Thor also is reputed to have some connection with rune as well. This assumption is made because of the connection with Yuletide and Thor as Yuletide is "his" festival. 

Jera is the rune of return. It is a congenial and friendly rune. It is a good rune used for positive changes. But it takes it time to do so. For spells involving building it will be the glue that holds the matter together. It can also be used as a rune for focus for those who feel scattered. 

Even though it takes time for Jera to do it's work, it can initiate a lasting change in your state of affairs or in a person's consciousness. 

Brightest of Jera's blessings to you,

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