Thursday, January 13, 2011

Norse Spell to Appear "Beautiful" and Desirable

The holidays have passed.  We all feel a bit down and perhaps a bit misshapen and dowdy this time of year. With snow and ice it is difficult to get out to the gym or go for inspiring walks. The question arises what is one to do to for a quick fix to"appear" desirable and appealing to your loved one?

Apples have long been used by Witches for love, health and beauty spells. One old wives tale mentions eating half a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar a day to retain youthfulness. I do this myself and am frequently told by others, how young I look. 

Norse legend tells how the gods and goddesses eat Idun's apples to keep their good looks. Remember the fairy tale of the "Princess and the Pea?" Peas, especially snow peas, are sacred to Venus, the goddess of beauty. To place a pea pod under your pillow will actually insure that you get your "Beauty rest!" Avocado is another food sacred to Venus. It is rich in oils, it is used in countless beauty products to rejuvenate the skin. Where as cherries promote self-confidence and happiness, both keys to feeling beautiful. 

Take an apple and cut it in half horizontally. You should find a five pointed star in the center. This is the witches magical symbol, representing the human form in all it's perfection. The top point is the head, the center points two arms, and the bottom points the legs. Visualize yourself as a glowing, perfect star-form. 

Color also plays a part in this ritual. If you want to look great for romantic reasons, use a "red" apple. To make someone "green" with envy use a green one. Gold apples, such as golden delicious, are for people in the Arts or who want to make an impression on the public. Eat half of  whichever color apple you choose and put the other half out for an offering. 

Next peel an avocado. Slice the fruit in seven pieces removing the pit. (Seven is the sacred number of Venus) Smash the pieces into a paste making a facial mask for yourself. 

Now take seven snow peas in your right hand and seven cherries in your left. Consume them alternately. The left hand rules the subconscious and the unseen world, while the right rules the conscious and seen world. 

As a result, you are creating beauty within yourself as well as without. It should be ideally done three days before the big "planned event. "

Good luck, Good Love and Good Magic!

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