Thursday, January 20, 2011

Protect Children and Pets with a Magical Norse Elf Spell

This spell may be used to protect children. Light Elves and children have a strong affinity for each other. And an Elf blessing for pets or wild animals is a good way to establish friendly contact with the Elves.

Place an offering of milk and honey with a little ginger sprinkled in it either on your altar or outside in a sheltered place. If possible lay a few fern fronds by the bowl. Elves also like the herb Thyme and marigold petals.

Also lay out your crystal and moonstone (these are both appealing to Elves). With your wand, gently tap the bowl three times and say:

Light Elves, listen. Hear my call.
Your presence here I ask.
For ________ (child's or animal's name) needs your protection.
To safeguard him/her is your task.
Keep _______ (child's or animal's name) safe night and day,
While asleep or while at play.
Beautiful Light Elves, answer me.
I ask your presence here.
To this little one protection give
That he/she may have no fear.
Blessings to all who come to my aid.
Between friends is this bargain made. 

Brightest of Blessings and Protection,


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