Sunday, January 2, 2011

Magical, Psychic ,"PLANTS", Their Secret Lives Revealed!

Much has been written in recent years concerning previously unsuspected life of plants. The best and most comprehensive account yet written about work and research in this field is the book entitled, "The Secret Life of Plants", by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird. 

The book tells about some amazing discoveries found from experiments done with plants. Plants display all the psychic attributes of highly developed humans and perhaps even to a higher degree! They also display emotions similar to those which humans experience. If isolated they become lonely and deteriorate. They respond in the same way humans do to various kinds of treatment. 

The scientist, Jagadis Chandra Bose, proved that their nervous systems are even more efficient than those of a humans and react more readily to various stimuli. The work of Bose in promoting better understanding of plants far transcends that of anyone before or since. 

Much of his important research in this field took place around the turn of the last century. The ingenious instruments he devised to measure the growth and behavior of plants have never been duplicated for some strange reason. They could magnify these processes by as much as 100 million times" He was a physicist who overshadowed all of his contemporaries in this field. 

In an excerpt from the book, The Secret Life of Plants,(page 116) is the following statement from Bose, "In my investigations on the actions of forces and matter, I was amazed to find boundary lines vanishing and to discover points of contact emerging between the living and non-living." These findings verify that all manifestations are creations of intelligences. 

The monumental research done on plants during the last 50 years brings up an interesting question: Why does the plant, a supposedly lower life-form, exhibit attributes which are apparently superior to those of humans? The answer is simple. Plants are an integral part of Earth and the Earth and other planets are embodiments of the logos, Divine plan. If it were not for plants, life as we know it could not be sustained. 

Through plants there is at least an indirect channel to the consciousness of the logos. Plants probably have a few more surprises in store for us when more profound investigations are made into their nature. 

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