Thursday, January 27, 2011

Orgone, Life Force Power of Magic and Geomancy

From many traditions, from all over the world, there is a force or a conglomeration of forces (or energy) that sustain all being. It has been given as many names as there are cultures, languages, and belief systems. 

In the Hindu system of belief it is called Prana. It is the "Prima Materia" the universal, pliable medium of alchemists, the animal magnetism of Mesmer, the "Vril" of Theosophy, Orgone by Wilhelm Reich and the Chi or Qi of Chinese Geomancy and Martial Arts. In the Northern Tradition it is called "Ond," the Odinic Breath, "The Breath of Odin."

Everything in the Universe possesses Ond, or Orgone. This Orgone can be seen as a spirit, with a special character or impersonal power. It is the active essence that belongs to both the material and magical domains. 

In plants, Orgone gives medicinal powers, in our food stuffs it is the essence that makes children grow and gives us the energy to stay alive. In living plants it is the resident soul. 

When measured by scientific means, Orgone is the quality of matter known as "Energy." But it is not just a medium for the transference of energy by chemical, magnetic, electrical and other means, it also forms the patterns of geometry and flow present in all material things and processes.

In our landscape, Orgone is drawn down from the sky to high points, It has been speculated that the "blue" of the sky is an outward show of "Orgone" energy. It flows in the the form of water or air. It's flow and direction is determined by the patterns of the land. In some places it accumulates and becomes stagnant; in other places it flows away rapidly. Where it is allowed to concentrate, these are areas that are thought of as "Places of Power" in the landscape. 

In the Norse religion these areas were understood as "Earth Spirits" (Landvaettir or Land Wights), Yarthkins etc. Each having a beneficial or harmful effects on human activities practiced there. Geomants, Magicians, traditional hunters, and farmers have always had a subtle rapport with these energies. 

This Orgone energy is present in the human body, and practitioners of the crafts of magic, meditation, healing, spiritual enlightenment, and martial arts which direct and enhance this power.  

In the Northern Tradition, one aspect of Orgone, or Ond, is Hamingja, the controllable energy through which shape-shifting and other skills are accomplished. It is personalized as a guardian sprite. Sometimes this energy is visible emanating from the hands of the practitioners of healing or martial arts. Such manifestations are known from holy people in all the worlds religious traditions. 

The "halos" shown around the heads of deities and saints are depictions of this power. Outwardly, Lightning is closely allied with this. Similar energies have been found at stone circles such as "Stone Henge." 

Even though "proof " of this energy is in it's early stages, practitioners of the above mentioned crafts can make use of it without knowing what these energies are composed of. This would be in the same way that we perceive color without knowing what wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum we are perceiving.

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