Monday, January 17, 2011

Metaphysics, Occult and the Unifying Principle

Metaphysics is a word originally coined by Aristotle, which means "beyond physics." It not only encompasses physics, but it goes far beyond it and considers the origin, meaning and function of all life as well. Since many kinds of phenomena are encountered in this broad field, which is completely beyond the scope of academic science, it is natural for the scientific community to deride anyone who takes metaphysics seriously.

Now that we are are fifty years into the Age of Aquarius it should be apparent that all things are interrelated. But in order to gain a good understanding of any broad subject it should be examined from all sides. Since all things are interrelated, there must be a few basic principles, which underlie all phenomena.

The repeated pattern of the Universe has given rise to the most important principles of all, the old hermetic axioms. This axiom is generally stated, "As above, so below", just another way of expressing the interrelationship of all things. 

The proper usage of this axiom has been a powerful tool in unraveling many previously unexplained phenomena. By it's application, physical phenomena can be used to better understand metaphysics, the occult and vice versa. 

The true meta-physician, shaman, witch, wizard etc., must have a through understanding of the causes underlying so-called physical phenomena, as well as laws directly associated with their own area of specialization. 

The true scientist must also be a consummate  meta-physician. In a real sense of the word, "scientist" and "meta-physician" are practically interchangeable since they both have such a broad view of the world. 

The physical sciences and metaphysics have been largely divorced from each other because of a lack of understanding of the basic unifying principle. Each has it's own subdivisions detached from one another. Occult and physical phenomena are merely special effects of the same general laws.

The proper use of hermetic principles, used with clues available, makes it possible to arrive at the central core of the cosmic scheme, gaining a better understanding of our own planet. There will be future articles on this subject to come.

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