Thursday, January 6, 2011

Quantum Physics and Magical Resonance

Resonance has two meanings that can be applied to the human energy field. One, related to electricity, is "the condition of adjustment of a circuit that allows the greatest flow of current of a certain frequency." In human terms this means that the state of mind and body determines what kind of energies will most influence it. 

To put it simply, what ever fear you have will resonate to, or be influenced by, additional fear around you; and whatever confidence you have will be more resonant to additional confidence. This is why the most important first step in healing is to build up a person's confidence. 

The other meaning of resonance, from a Quantum Physics point of view, is "the reinforced vibration of a body exposed to the vibration, at about the same frequency, of another body." To make it more comprehensive, this means your fear will tend to increase the fear of those around you and your confidence will tend to increase the confidence of those around you. 

The proximity and strength of human energy fields are closely related because, generally speaking, the closer you are to the source of the field, the stronger - more energized- it usually is. Your Aura extends infinitely, but your mental and sensory attention usually do not. 

Frequency considerations aside, human beings tend to be more influenced by physical energies perceived through the physical senses (sight, sound, touch etc.)than by mental energies perceived through mental senses. So proximity is an important factor. 

The strength of a field has to do with energy intensity, which has to do with vibrations. The quality of vibration has two components, frequency and amplitude, or to put it another way rate and intensity. Using ocean waves as an example, the number of waves in a hundred yard stretch would determine the frequency of the waves. The size of each wave would depend on the amplitude. Obviously there would be more energy in six-foot waves than two-foot waves. In the human Aura, frequency is determined by focus and amplitude by emotion. 

Putting all this together, it means the sub-conscious is influenced by the strongest, nearest,most resonant field. If you walk into a room of people in a state of potential anger (meaning there are things in your life that anger you, but you are not presently feeling anger), and there is a person in the room who is currently very angry but not showing it openly, it is likely that you will start feeling increasingly irritated and angry without knowing why. If the person is angry about something which would also make you angry, the effect on you will be greater. This is field strength, nearness and resonance at work. 

If you have a subconscious habit to suppress your emotions you may tighten your muscles, and the longer you stay in the room the more ill or drained you may feel. And it is important to realize that the person did not drain you or make you ill, your reactions did. 

It is not just people who can influence your emotions. Physical environments can, too. A little bit of stress carried into a highly energetic environments like an air-conditioned offices or a busy shopping mall can be amplified to a large amount of stress accompanied by fear or anger depending on your habitual reactions to stress. 

The practical knowledge to be gained from this explanation is that, while you do create your own emotions, the intensity of those emotions may be influenced by someone or something in your environment. Rather than waste time trying to figure out why you are having the emotion, then, the smart thing to do  is go ahead and do something about it. If you like the experience enjoy it. If you don't, there are some techniques you can do to combat it such as white light, love light etc. This will be  elaborated on in future articles.

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