Friday, January 7, 2011

Crystal Skull, Magic and Mystery Revealed!

The crystal skull was discovered in the ruins of a Mayan city during a 1927 archaeological expedition. It is a large, clear, quartz crystal, fashioned perfectly into the size and shape of a human skull. Observers claim that strange sounds, light effects, and even odors emanate from it at times. 

One of the most interesting aspects of the skull is that it maintains a constant temperature of seventy degrees Fahrenheit, regardless of the surrounding temperature, even when placed in a refrigerator at -28 degrees Fahrenheit. Many people have contended that the skull has exerted influences that produce bad luck. But one owner maintained a positive attitude toward it, and seemed to lead a charmed life during the years it was in his possession.  

Many high priests of the past were evidently "adepts" in the so-called black arts. As a result they were able to create powerful entities, or thought-forms, programed to protect objects such as rare gems or tombs they considered sacred. This accounts for the long list of misfortunes connected with such things as the Hope diamond and King Tut's tomb, which cannot be explained away by coincidence. 

Experts estimate that it required about 300 years to carve the skull from the original crystal. Since a lot of tedious work seems to have been expended on the skull, it is logical to conclude that an entity endowed with unusual powers was created to protect it. This is more than evident because the crystal tends to maintain a constant temperature. This could not be accomplished without intelligent and purposeful application of external energies. 

Soft electrons from a heat source would normally enter the skull and disintegrate, releasing large quantities of hard electrons. This could raise the temperature of the crystal to damaging levels. However, the crystal skull automatically provides a very high concentration of soft electrons tending to concentrate on the outer surface. This surface charge then repels external soft electrons projected from a heat source, and maintains the crystal at a constant temperature. Fire-walkers apply the same principle to their feet. 

When the skull is exposed to a low temperature, it provides a continuous flow of unstable soft electrons, which disintegrate inside the crystal. This generates heat, compensating for the heat losses to the outside. Some "adepts" have similar abilities, and can generate and draw high concentrations of such particles into their bodies, rendering themselves immune to extreme cold. 

Other evidence supports the conclusion that the crystal is embodied by an entity. Sensitives see a fluctuating aura around the skull. This aura often extends further from the skull than the aura of an ordinary crystal of the same size. In addition, the skull tends to respond to one's thoughts and attitudes by various light effects mentioned earlier. 

The major characteristic distinguishing a life form from a so-called inanimate object or dead body is it's ability to produce large concentrations of soft electrons. Crystals concentrate abnormally large quantities of soft electrons and display other characteristics of life forms. An embodying or protecting entity could function more efficiently through a crystal and produce the effects described, than through ordinary rock. 

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