Saturday, January 22, 2011

Frigga, Norse Goddess of Thought Manifestation and Divination

Names:Frigga (Dutch), Frigg (Norse), Fricka (German)
Main Element: Air
Color: silvery gray
Totem Animals: Falcon, Owl, Ram, Spider
Magical Tools: Distaff
Invoked for: Divination, Marital fidelity, childbirth

Frigga is the Norse goddess of divination, matrimony and childbirth. She is the consort or wife of Odin, the Allfather, Leader of the Aesir. It is not clear which Norse pantheon Frigga herself belongs to weather the Aesir, the Vanir or some other. 

Frigga is a powerful goddess but most known for her silence. She knows every person's destiny but will not reveal it. It is speculated that even though she knows everyone's fate she does not communicate it because she realizes that the outcome cannot be changed. Here, she has a correlation with the goddess Cassandra, who knows people's fates but must also keep silent.  While Odin is a powerful extrovert, Frigga his wife is demure and an introvert. She is a quiet, less flamboyant witch than Freya.

She is a spinning goddess often portrayed with a "Distaff," an implement used for spinning. "The Distaff Side," indicates she is a wife or maternal descent. Frigga is associated with the Norns (Fates) who "weave." She spins the thread they weave and cut. Frigga is in charge of the "Prima Materia,"the raw material of which all physical reality stems from.  She spins (or brings into being) the substance (out of the Quantum Ocean) that the Norns weave.

She wears a girdle hung with keys, indicating her ability to unlock all doors with her oracular ability. Frigga has powerful associations with mediumship. 

Frigga is the one to call on to bring your thoughts (thought manifestation) into reality onto the material plane of existence. 

Brightest of Frigga's Blessings,

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