Friday, January 21, 2011

De'ja' Vu and Precognition Secrets Revealed

The curious experience of De'ja' vu, (which almost everyone has had at one time or another) of "having been in a place before"; or a sense of experiencing the same set of circumstances. Maybe you meet someone for the first time and have a remembrance that you have met this person before.

Intriguing theories have been proposed as an answer for this experience by J.W. Dunne in his book "An Experiment with Time." Dunne suggests that when we experience this, or a conversation becomes familiar, or a new location suddenly becomes recognizable, one may simply be remembering a precognitive dream, which has been driven back into the subconscious. 

Dunne gives many examples of his own precognitive dreams, which he recorded over several years. He firmly believed in sleep and dreams as the prime openers of the subconscious and formulated a philosophy, which he called "serialism," to account for precognition. 

In Dunne's view, time was an "Eternal Now." All events that have ever occurred, that exist now, or that ever will be, are ever lasting in existence (Quantum Ocean). 

In man's ordinary, conscious, waking state, his view is only of the present. In sleep, however, the individual view might sufficiently enlarge to allow several glimpses of the future. 

If one concedes that the future can be foreseen, it takes only an interesting stretch of imagination to grasp the idea that a Higher Self, with superior mental powers would enable it to see far ahead. Anyone connected with precognition can attest to the remarkable details expressed in predictions. Pure chance removes these detailed predictions from the realm of guessing. 

Although Dunne's theory of seeing the future runs contrary to present scientific beliefs, his book "An Experiment with Time", offers a challenge of bold and imaginative thinking. 

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