Friday, November 5, 2010

Skadi, Magical Norse Goddess of Shadow and Snow

Skadi is the Norse Goddess hailing from Scandinavia. Scandinavia is even named after her, "Land of Skadi." Skadi is a giant and may have been part of the older local divinities worshiped before the arrival of the  Aesir. 

She was the wife of Niord for a short time, But with Niord being god of the seas and Skadi being a goddess of snow and Ice, this did not work out. Later she was married to Uller. She may even have been involved with Odin in his siring of the Skholdungs, the royal house of Denmark. 

Her name means Shadow or Harm and she is associated with mountains, winter, hunting, revenge and dark magic. She is also associated with Death. She is the goddess who after the capture of Loki, fastened the snake above his head in revenge for Loki's part in killing her father. 

Her home is Thrymheim. The runes associated with her are Eiwaz, Hagalaz, and Isa. The day associated with her is Saturday. Her color is black. Incense for attracting Skadi are dragon's blood, pepper, and myrrh.

Invocation for Skadi: 
Mistress of dark magic, 
Lady of the mountains and winter snow,
Chase my enemies far away, 
To Hel's dark realm make them go.

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