Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kenaz Rune of Magical Knowledge

Kenaz corresponds to the Norse names: Kenaz, Kaun, Cen.
Deities that correlate with this rune are Freya, Heimdal and Loki.  Kenaz's color is light Red. It's quick reference magical meaning is "Torch", and crafty or sly. It is a controlled energy for a "knowing of a craft,"(Norse Witchcraft), as well as art, life-strength, ambition, determination, and inspiration. 

The central aspect of Kenaz is the torch, the torch of knowledge which is past on to future generations or Kindred. Kindred could either mean the members of the same family, blood relatives, or like-minded people of the same tribal origins. 

On a deeper psychological level Kenaz indicates thinking clearly, insight, knowledge of self as well as an innate knowledge of ones hereditary "roots." Together with Raido, which is the rune that directs us to the right spiritual path, Kenaz will represent the "torch" to light our way. 

The rune's element is fire in a contained form. It is the fire of inspiration and enthusiasm. The rune Kenaz has a number of varied magical uses. Gaining knowledge and insight into the deeper occult mysteries is the most obvious. Kenaz is the "light within" that helps us explore inner realms. The spiritual and magical quest is going within oneself rather than going outward. 

This rune is connected with "teaching" or learning the greater mysteries. Freya is connected with this rune as she taught the feminine mysteries of Seidr to Odin. Seidr is a form of witchcraft and includes "sex magic." 

A verse from an Anglo-Saxon Rune-Poem describing Kenaz:
The Torch familiar
To the living, a flame
Is binding and brilliant.
It burns most often 
Where royal folk
Are at rest within. 

May Kenaz light the way on your Spiritual Quest,

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