Sunday, November 21, 2010

Magic Spell To Get a Job

In these hard economic times so many people are out of job. This spell is sure help you find the job that is just right for you.  And to have "you" be the one they select for it. 

Use a square of green cloth. Fill it with bay laurel leaves, lavender, and High John Conqueror Root. Add four other herbs which are governed by:

*Mercury -(Dill), for a job involving communications

* The Moon -(Camphor, Jasmine), for a job involving healing, woman's work or health, or psychology.

* Mars -(Basil), for a job requiring aggressive, assertive action. 

* The Sun -(Chamomile), for a job outdoors, in agriculture or nature, or for an easy going enjoyable job.

* Saturn - (Patchouli), for architecture, history or any job where you will be limiting other's actions or freedom (police work, or guard work for example.) 

Add a silver coin, for wealth, and pictures of any important tools you may use in your work. Tie it with purple thread. 

Good Luck, Good Magic and Good Job!

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  1. Thanks so much for posting this spell! I've been looking for an admin job for months, but no luck yet! I'll definitely be trying this spell. :)