Thursday, November 11, 2010

Building Magical "Thought Forms"

Man has little realization of the immortality that he is capable of giving to his creations. Each of us, with the power of immortality in our soul, is giving life to the substances  of Nature, molding them into an expression of our temperaments and personalities, and sending them out in the subtle essences of being where they float for ages. They carry with them the blessings or the curses that we have imbued them with. 

Thoughts are geometric outpourings of the mental body. They are germinated and vitalized through a union of the mental plane with the physical brain which, as father and mother, gives birth to a child- a thought. 

In order to think, it is necessary for the entity to have his,  being in the center of conscious power, a vortex, of the same rate of vibration as the mental plane. Around this, he builds the mental aura, which consists of an egg-shaped vehicle, sometimes with uniform ends, sometimes with the upper end slightly larger.

This ovoid, being attuned to Saturn, as it is (mind born), is dark indigo in color, but is pierced with the thought forms of many colors and is usually fringed with a hem of golden light, sometimes changing to green and orange. 

The body, which is the vehicle of consciousness on the mental plane, is the highest we are capable of building at the present time, the vortices of the higher bodies are still latent.

The Masters of Wisdom (the highest Initiates of our life wave) function in their mental bodies, which some are capable of molding into close facsimiles of the human form. These are the bodies from which issue the "Thought Forms," strange geometric outpourings, and many-colored waves and rays. 

These "Thought Forms" are also the children of man; having created them, he is responsible for them, as he is powerless to prevent them from going forth.

We are surrounded by our own emanation bodies, which are constantly pouring into the infinite reservoirs streams of energy (the Quantum Ocean)both constructive and perverted. These streams of energy result from vitalizing our emotions and thoughts and thereby conferring upon them the power of our immortality.

These Thought Forms are the mind-born and fire-born children of human beings. Man is responsible for these strange creatures who float around  and battle for ages before they are finally dissolved back into the Cosmos. 

If Man had the power of the "Masters" he would people the elements with these demons. But since man is still learning, we are, as yet saved from this.

Brightest of Blessings,

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