Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Raido Thor's Rune of Council

The rune Raido corresponds, in the alphabet, to the letter "R." The Norse names for it are Raidho, Reidh, Rit,and Rad. The God that it is aligned with is Thor but sometimes Forseti. It's color is bright Red. 

The short term definition of Raido is: journey by horseback, chariot, riding or wagon. But it also represents getting to the truth of a matter, and seeing past illusions. 

Raido is also a rune of control, movement and direction; it can also be associated with the repetitive movement of of "ritual." 

In the beginning, (from the Volupsa) we are told that the Gods created order from chaos by setting the Sun and Moon on their courses. In doing this they devised an order of time, nocturnal and diurnal, night and day, as well as the seasons of the year.  The movement of the Sun and Moon around the Earth assimilates a "Wheel". This, is another interpretation of Raido. On a deeper level it can be associated with this movement of time, the turn of the Wheel.

Another meaning of Raido is "magical control." This can be done through "ritual," which is actions repeated over and over. 

The negative interpretation of Raido would be travel problems, inconvenience and blockages. 

May the blessings of Raido be yours,

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