Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mirror Magic for Protection

Mirrors reflect various sorts of energy. They reflect not only light, but also more subtle energies. In Feng-Shui, the octagonal Pak Kwa mirror is an important part of the geomant's armour against "sha qi"- harmful energies. 

Women's dress from the Indian subcontinent often is adorned with small metallic mirrors sewn into the fabric, and the highly-polished metal talismans on the shaman's costume serves the same function of reflecting harmful forces. 

Sometimes the mirrors are replaced by silver or gold coins, as i traditional Romany women's dress. On a larger scale, all over England, large blue, green or occasionally yellow, glass balls, silvered inside with mercury, can be seen hanging up in windows. 

These are known as "Witch Balls." They are sought-after antiques, but it is their property of deflecting harmful projections that makes them so valuable and collectible. 

But you can come by your own "Witch Ball," at a fraction of the cost; as the "Witch Ball" is really just a larger version of the glass Christmas tree ornament that serves the same function.

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