Monday, November 29, 2010

Magic Gebo Odin's Rune of Giving

In the alphabet the rune Gebo corresponds to the letter "G". It's Norse names are: Gebo, Gifu, Gyfu, and Gipt. The short term interpretations are blessings, gifts from the Gods, hospitality and generosity. 

The deity most associated with Gebo is the Norse god Odin, but sometimes Freya. Deep blue is it's color. Astrologically it corresponds to Pisces and the Tarot card association would be the "Lovers" card. 

It has the magical meaning of exchange of force or power between the gods and humans. It is indicative of Weddings, legacies, promotions and unexpected "windfalls" of money and good fortune. 

In ancient Norse legend it was suggested that an outcast could be rehabilitated by being offered a "gift", indicative of rune Gebo. Which would imply that a gift was expected in return. "A Gift for a Gift." By this means the "outcast" would be reintegrated into society. As a result Gebo implys the law of compensation. 

In today's world, there are too many people who are willing to "take," but reluctant to "give." Of course superficially they may seem to get away with it, with no second thoughts. But on a deeper psychological level they are paying with it by a loss of their self respect and compromising the rights of others. 

The "X"-Shaped sign representing a kiss at the end of a letter is in fact a hold-over from the Gebo rune. 

The positives of this rune include, generosity,hospitality, and the ability to accept gifts with honor as in most cases it is easier to give than to receive well.

May you receive many of "Gebo's " gifts,

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