Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ansuz Odin's Rune

Ansuz correlates in the alphabet, to the letter "A." It is the element of "Odin," he is the god force behind this rune. As a result Ansuz's color is dark blue, the color of Odin's cloak. 

Ansuz represents transformation, communication, wisdom, consciousness and reason. Hallmarks of Odin are poetry and the Rune Songs, which are magical uses of sound. In Norse Shamanism it recognizes that we are descendants of the Norse Gods, Ansuz relates to our ancestors. It is no coincidence that Odin, the god of words and communication is the one responsible for giving us the knowledge of the Runes.

On a higher level Ansuz is the life energy of "breath". In the Volupsa it tells us that Odin gave us "Breath" or life. Without this "vital breath"we do not live.

Ansuz is the premier rune to use with Thurisaz, for unfettering (undoing things) such as phobias or anxieties from the unconscious mind. Thurisaz is used for fettering and Ansuz, as it's opposite, can be used to unfetter. 

More than transformation, Ansuz is indicative of new goals and information that changes your life. 

Odin Bless,

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