Monday, November 22, 2010

Widdershins, Magic of the Left Hand Path Explained

Widdershins, literally means, "the left-hand Path." It is when one goes in a circle counter clockwise, this is called circling Widdershins, walking or dancing in the direction opposite to that of the Sun.

Traditional magical wisdom associates the left side with the moon, women, and yin forces. Non-dualist societies perceive "left" as neutral and necessary: as there is no "right" without "left" and vice versa. However dualist philosophy associated "left" with the evil side of the eternal chessboard of dueling forces. 

Modern day usage betrays the implications: "Mr. Right, the Right decision, the Right way" versus "Left handed Left hand Path."  Need we say more? 

Post-Christianity, circling Widdershins was known as the "Witches Way" and the "Devil's Way." Being observed circling Widdershins was sufficient grounds for an accusation of Witch Craft. 

But perhaps, in this New Age of Aquarius we should not be into so much "All-ness". Perhaps it is time to consider "Balance" and to think out of the box, considering things in a "gray" area, rather than terms of White or Black.  Many spells incorporate Widdershins movement, as they do the opposite - Deosil. Eliminating either one eliminates balance.

However suspicion of Widdershins survives, within many Wiccan traditions, who associate Widdershins with baneful magic. But those who "do" incorporate Widdershins into magical practice, tend to use it for banishing purposes. 

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