Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Age of Aquarius Myth,Magic, and Religion

In this new age of Aquarius, we are discovering and creating new myths, symbols and rituals that are shattering old, outmoded molds. This process of change is just beginning and will be a long difficult one.   We need images that move us beyond the boundaries of our every day lives to that space between worlds where we can see clearly. 

The most important underlying cause is the dawning of the "All that is One" concept.  The All-That-is-One is "Nature", in human beings and in human community. The All-That-is-One is not now and never has been separate from this existing physical world. It is the "Now", and is each of us in the ever changing present. 

I believe the new world view of Myth, Magic and Religion will come to a knowing of what it has been. That it is cyclical, spiral. It will dissolve dualities, seeing opposites as compliments. Diversity will be valued, as both poles of any duality are always valued because between them flows the on-off pulse of polar energy that sustains life. 

We will return to the circle. The form of ritual will be circular. There will be no hierphants, no messiahs, no avatars, and no gurus. We will face each other, not on an altar or a podium or sacred shrine, because it is in "each other" that our deity is to be found. We will find our god-force and power of magic within ourselves, for we will never find it without. 

Brightest of Blessings,


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