Friday, November 26, 2010

Magic, Religion and Science are Arbitrary (Quantum Physics)

In this new Age of Aquarius, the age of Quantum Physics and the mind, we are beginning  a break down of old systems of thought and belief. It is a time to start "thinking outside the box." It is a time to caste away old outmoded systems of Religion, Magic and Science that we have been spoon fed; and start thinking for ourselves.

For untold ages humans have sought to find the Ultimate Meaning and the Absolute Truth, something solid and eternal for their souls to cling to. They have tried Mysticism, Religion, Science, Metaphysics, Art and Philosophy in order to make sense of life so they will feel more secure within themselves, and often, to control life in order to feel more secure outside themselves. 

Shamans, Witches and Magi have come up with their own solution to the problem of meaning by a logical extension of the ideas that everything is a dream or in "flux," and the world is what you think it is.

If all those are accepted as basic assumptions, then obviously all meanings are made up and the Absolute Truth is whatever you decide it is. The meanings of experience depends on your interpretation of it or your decision to accept someone else's interpretation, and the decision to accept a basic  assumption is also arbitrary. 

Therefore, all systems that describe life and it's workings are arbitrarily made up based on certain decisions to accept certain interpretations of experience. So what really matters is not weather a particular system is "true"( an arbitrary concept), but rather how well it works for "you." 

This system with it's seven principles, is acknowledged as being just as arbitrary and made up as any other system. So it isn't presented as Truth, but as a set of hypotheses that allow you to practice your witchcraft or shaman-craft more effectively.

It is similar to learning the scales in music or the rules of perspective in painting so that you can practice those crafts more effectively. The principles of any craft are useful for the practice of that craft, but they don't necessarily apply to a different craft or to a different aspect of life. 

This is why the Seven Principles, (see in my past articles) are not presented as dogma, and why they do not have to be defended. If they work for you, use them; if they don't then use something else. 

A wise shaman or witch feels free to change systems at will, according to the situation at hand. This corollary also allows a great deal of tolerance  of other systems  because they aren't seen as antagonistic or threatening, but simply as different points of view. 

Good Luck and Good Magic,

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