Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Attract Love with a Magical Herbal Charm

The herbal charms that I make are small bags filled with herbs and other symbolic objects. The charms are made of a simple square or circle of cloth of the appropriate color, tied with thread of the proper color, and then charged with energy. You can either wear them or keep them in the house to attract what you desire. 

Love Charms are best configured on Friday, which is sacred to the Norse Love Goddess, Freya. They can be made of silk or velvet, your choice, and elaborately embroidered with symbols-or they can be simple cotton tied with string. You can create your own herbal charms specifically tailored to your own needs. 

Herbal Charm to Attract Love:

Use a circle of rose-colored or red (for more sexually passionate love) cloth. Fill it with acacia flowers, myrtle, rose petals or buds, jasmine flowers, and lavender. 

Add a few red felt hearts and a copper coin or ring. Tie it with blue ribbon or thread, in seven knots. 

Good Luck, Good Love and Good Magic!

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