Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Magical Moving Spiral

Energy is constantly in motion. The balance of the Universe is not static, but dynamic. Using water as a metaphor, when we block water's flow it becomes stagnant and foul. When it flows freely it becomes clean and pure. The rituals, spells and meditations of Magic, Shamancraft and Witchcraft focus on aiding energy to flow. 

Energy flows in "Spirals." It's motion is always circular, cyclical and wave-like. The spiral motion is revealed in Nature in the shape of galaxies, shells, whirlpools, and DNA.

Light, Sound and radiation travel in undulating waves - which are merely spirals viewed in a flat plane. All is cyclical, the Moon waxes and wanes, as do the ocean's tides, the economy rises and falls, even our own energy levels and vitality increase and decrease. 

The implications of the spiral model are many. In essence it means that no form of energy can be exerted indefinitely, in only one direction. It always will reach a point of climax and then begin to decline. 

In order for one to achieve balance in their lives, activity should be balanced by becoming passive. Exertion must be followed by rest, creativity by becoming quiet. One of my favorite axioms is: "Don't be into "All-ness!"(Meaning don't be all one thing or another; strive for a middle of the road philosophy.)  In today's world where the push is on to be at one's peak and driven 24 hours a day 7 days a week, how contrary this is to Nature's simple philosophy. 

No one can constantly be creative, constantly working,  constantly running here and running there - or constantly anything the requires energy. Working oneself at these levels is to burn up our precious resource of Magical Energy. Recognizing this need for alternation can help us keep a dynamic, healthy balance.

A Brahman parable eludes to the fact that we only have a measured number of "Breaths" in a lifetime. Meaning, watch where we place our precious energy and  how we use it. 

Brightest of Blessings,

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