Thursday, November 18, 2010

Magic and Spell Casting in the Age of Aquarius

Many people think that in today's world, the Age of Aquarius, that a belief in magic and spell casting is living in the "dark ages" and the past. 

I say not so. A spell and magic are merely symbolic acts done in an altered state of consciousness, in order to cause a desired change. To cast a spell is to project energy through a symbol.

With the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, we are coming more and more to the realization that "All is Energy", the Magic of yesterday will be the "Science" of tomorrow.

Spell casting forces us to come to terms with the material world. Many people who are attracted to Magic and Witchcraft in the first place are uneasy about using magic for practical ends or toward material goals. They think it seems wrong to work for oneself, to want and get things. But this attitude is a holdover of the world view that sees spirit and matter as separate and identifies matter with evil and corruption. This will change in the Aquarian Age, this idea of everything being separate and apart. All is connected.

"Work for yourself, and soon you will see the Self is everywhere." The paradox is that in spell casting we may start with the personal self, but in order to work the magic we are forced to expand and recognize the Self that moves through all beings. Magic involves a deliberate self-identification with other objects and people. To do a healing, we must become the one who is healed, and the energy of healing. To attract love, we must become love. 

Spells actually go one step further than psychotherapy. They allow us not only to listen to and interpret the unconscious, but also to speak to it, in a language it understands. Symbols, images, and objects used in spells communicate directly with the Younger Self, who is the seat of emotions and who is barely touched by the intellect. We often understand our feelings and behavior but find ourselves unable to change them. Through spells and Magic, we can attain the most important power- the power to change ourselves. 

The practice of Magic also demands the development of what is called the Magical Will. Will is akin to what Victorian school masters called "character", honesty, self-discipline, commitment, and conviction. What better tenants to embrace in this new Age? 

Brightest of Blessings,

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