Friday, November 19, 2010

Norse Rune Magic Fourfold Wheel

The Fourfold Wheel is a powerful tool for Rune divination. When used correctly, it is invaluable for great insight and introspection in readings.

The Fourfold Wheel is a symbol common to both Norse and Celtic Myth. It takes the form of a circle, which represents the Universe. This is dissected by an upright, equal-armed cross. 

When this symbol is used in divination, the horizontal line of it's cross represents the line of time with the left-hand side showing the past and the right hand side the future. The vertical line represents the line of space, intersecting the line of time and producing events in time and space. 

The wheel allows us to look at our problems from four angles. By placing the appropriate rune, (such as Fehu) for finances, in the center of the wheel. Then, by random selection, four more runes are placed at the other four points of the wheel. Here our unconscious will recognize that the horizontal line of time on the left shows influences from the past, that which has already been formed, and in turn which has possibly given rise to the present situation.

Opposite on the right, is the future which shows where you are going and the future that you can shape. The beauty is that the "Web of Wyrd" is not predestined, and there is flexibility to change our future, by working in the present. The vertical line represents space.

The upper part of the Fourfold Wheel represents higher consciousness such as gods, archetypes, and our higher self. The lower part of the vertical line shows influences from our own unconsciousness. 

Wunjo and Freya Bless,

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