Monday, November 8, 2010

Quantum Physics, Separation is a Useful Illusion

In this New Age of Aquarius, people get so caught up in the idea and experience of connections and relatedness; that they become immobilized by fear of unforeseen consequences springing from the slightest thought or action. Even worse, they drown in empathy with the pain and suffering of others.

At such times it is healthy to inject a little creative separation in order to function better. Fear makes you loose sight of your role of creating a life for yourself. And the assumption for a while of the independence of all things will help bring you back into balance and perspective. 

Likewise, pure empathy, which is so promoted by today's society is dangerous. It makes you as helpless as the one who is suffering. A solution is to add a dose of separation by switching to compassion, in which you are aware of the suffering while realizing it isn't happening to you. 

Then you can help the sufferer move out of it. The main point is that there really are no limits, so as Shamans, you can feel free to create limits when it is useful to do so.

Brightest of Blessings,

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