Monday, November 1, 2010

Rune Thurisaz, Thorn for Protection

NorseName: Thurisaz, Thorn, Thurs - Giant Thorn, The Good One, The Strong One.

The third rune in the third aett is Thurisaz. The name is an ancient name for Thor and it's element is Fire. 

The Anglo-Saxon Christians renamed this rune "Thorn," calling it a most sharp and evil thing. They might have grasped that Thurisaz does indeed hold tremendous power, but not thus for ill but good also. Thurisaz can be most effective in "harmful" rune workings but it also backfires on the sender easily. Much better if it is used for "protection."

Since Thurisaz corresponds to the color red, meditate upon it being bright red with flames surrounding you or your home for protection. The power from this rune is easy to tap and used with a lot of emotion. 

For divination and magical meaning: Journey over water, Good news from a distance. Inner strength to break resistance or pass a time of waiting. Take great care making decisions. Negative: a delayed or unpleasant journey. 

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