Sunday, October 31, 2010

Norse Witch Build a Love Attracting Thought-form

Anything that improves your appearance or enhances the impression that you make can properly be termed a tool of Witchcraft.  The scent of your perfume or shaving lotion (for men) combines with the colors of your clothing to add a special something to the magnetic force that is you. 

In previous blogs I have discussed exotic love potions, they are the tools of the trade, but you need a naturally alluring you to use the tools effectively. 

Let's begin by suggesting an addition to your week's "Love Affair with Love" exercise. Practice being exciting. Try using a bit of extra eye contact. There is real Witchcraft energy that flows from your eyes. If you really think about it, this should be proof enough to yourself. How many times have you stared at the back of someone's head and watched them turn around to see who was looking at them? And you have reacted the same to others also. 

You can also send feelings of warmth and friendship along with the beam of energy that flows from your eyes. It is only necessary to will that it flow. Add that power of breath and the tingle of a special touch in Witchcraft and you will find yourself extremely desirable to someone you want to impress. 

You can excite almost any member of the opposite sex by artfully contriving to breathe on the neck of the area behind an ear as you gently touch it with your lips. 

Now that you are primed with the specifics, let's talk about interesting a particular individual. I am careful here to use the word "interest" as opposed to "control," because we don't want to drag the person to you kicking and screaming. 

With the mood of Love set just right, hold your hands out and let the energy flow between them. This is the easiest thought-form you will ever build because it draws it's basic energy from the reproduction of the species. 

As the energy field begins to take form, fill it with the image of your chosen lover and feed it the most blatantly erotic thoughts you can imagine. When you feel that your thought-form has been built to a maximum of power order it to " Go to my lover an deliver my message. Excite, entice, and fill my lover's being with thoughts of me." 

Importance of the Aura
Next time you find yourself entertaining erotic thoughts about a seemingly casual acquaintance, examine your aura to see if these thoughts are being sent to you - you might just be missing a happy bet! But don't take my word for it, it works on anybody.

Good Luck, Good Magic and Good Love,

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