Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Freya Invocation for Magic

Name: Freya
 Also called: Lady; Seer;  Great Goddess; the Sage; Freya of 
 The Black Swordhand; Queen of the Valkyries
 Color: red-physical love
            black- protection, revenge
            silver or green- all other aspects
Incense/ Oil: rose, sandalwood,mint, floral scents
Symbols: cat, number 13, boar, full Moon, horse, sword, necklace
Day: Friday
Runes: Kenaz, Fehu, Uraz,Tiwaz 

Invocation: (for Magic and Freya as Seer and Lady)                                                                                                                         Great Goddess, Mistress of cats, 
Lady of love, beautiful Vana-Goddess,
Fulfill my greatest needs, O glorious one.
Teach me the magic I need.
Give me a glimpse of your deep wisdom.
Teach me in dreams. Enrich my life,
O Lady, you are the Golden-Tears of Asgard.
Lady of Love, beautiful Vana-Goddess,
You are the Shape-shifter, the Sayer,
The Independent One.
Give me the Strength and the Magic I need. 

Freya Bless,


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